Nerf foot longbow min stam use more

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Jatix, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    I use longbows myself. The things are just too cancer to not be nerfed. I have tested longbow stam a lot, and as long as you use the perfect str longbow you can sprint and shoot for over 50 seconds max stam. Is lower stam then a flake weapon, ranged, does good damage, and cant be parried. I dont want to kill foot archery, but the minimum stam possible from bow should be at least equal to a messing flanged or something.
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  2. Dread

    Dread Member

    I rarely disagree with you but,...

    If there wasn't retarded fast mounts still (prepatch are still better than current), wasn't retarded damage from the mounted weapons, 160+ dmg dual strike damage, only way to farm effectively (mounted archer) in combination with all the aspects of the broken things in the game. Like bugged AI for combat pets, shit walking/shooting through walls, getting stuck on random rocks and holes... I would agree with you, but foot archers aren't really a problem (infact is probably the best offense we have against mounted). I don't think I can remember fighting and dieing to a foot archer, for the past couple months all I've literally only fought against is mounted mages/archers/combat, no joke.
  3. peaceful

    peaceful Trial Member

    mounted combat is the real problem. not the footarcher. it got nerfed and seems okay. I haven't died by foot archer as well like the guy above me
  4. kidscops

    kidscops Senior Member

    99perecent of ppl have bad aim so its okay
  5. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    So you guys think being able to sticky with a weapon that is ranged, can hit for 20's, and uses less stam then a flake sword is ok? o.0
  6. Shrink1992

    Shrink1992 Junior Member

    I disagree archery is not a good offense against mounted, they'll just leave. A 2 handed sledge is the best offense against mounted.
  7. Dread

    Dread Member

    I think everyone is saying there is bigger problems than foot archers running around man, i can't remember the last time I thought to myself "man that foot archer damage is so broken i just got dropped in 2 hits"
  8. CronusCut

    CronusCut Trial Member

    Why run and get stickied by a footbow though? Hard to parry when wielding a bow, and if your sword&board or spear-shield you can even block his attacks. Just like mage, archery comes with its weaknesses all ready.
  9. Dread

    Dread Member

    Of course dismount weapons are good, but not when they are doing circles around you. You switch to dismount weapon when they come in close.... after they pass you change to a bow.

    Offensively your going to do more damage to the mount with a bow and make them run off, unless your fighting a retarded mounted fighter trying to stay in close range of you with a dismount weapon out LOL. Sign me up for those fights please.

    Like this, LOL.
  10. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Dont worry ur finally going to get that foot fight uve been waiting for and if you arnt winning its going to suck cuz if u even consider running (oh wait, people call it "kiting" here, makes it sounds skilled) hes just going to whip out a longbow and ur dead.

    They can still shoot ur feet if they dont suck, so shield only works v bads.

    And the foot archer isnt the problem. Its the fighter who you didnt dunk who whips out the bow and decides hes a foot archer now.

    You dont need 0 stam drain to shoot a mount
  11. Dread

    Dread Member

    I actually play a archery/mace foot hybrid, 117str... sooo.... archery is my thing :D

    [​IMG] <<<< Arrows
  12. kidscops

    kidscops Senior Member

    If u think its op use it
  13. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Ok so thats y u dont want them nerfed.

    Herius discard this mans opinion lol...


    I on the other hand, use them and still want them nerfed :p My hybrid is 109 str, build is classic. I cant sticky pretty much anything on foot, maybe its my ping, maybe not. But then longbows happen. You cant fail to sticky.

    Really people on this forum need to be way less biased towards their playstyle...

    Dont worry I do. Sadly my new 95 str paladin kinda sucks wicked bad cuz it cant use them well.

    Nothing in the game should be mandatory. This isnt darkfall. Ya they arnt truly mandatory, but you are at a big sticky advantage if you dont have one / cant use one.
  14. Dread

    Dread Member

    It's a build to literally counter mounted players (seeing that's all that I seem to find outside of cities, I don't really have issues fighting foot with that build). I don't mind if they nerf them honestly. But my main point is there is much bigger fish to fry, much bigger problems in pvp balance than foot archers. Yes, its my playstyle preference but im not being biased, nerf it. Thats fine. BUT you better be nerfing the retarded damage mounts do, the advantages that mounted has over foot AND the retarded dual strike damage. If you nerf foot archer damage they are even in a worse spot than before.

    Tell that to the mounted players that have flip their shit when you mention anything mounted. :D
  15. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Well ya they need to nerf mounted and dual strike and other retarded crap also(t lictor armor, and so on...). But I'm not going to sit here and pretend foot longbows arnt retarded while waiting for them to nerf mounted. And they dont seem to want to nerf mounted very quickly, so they can nerf both at the same time. Its not like they can only do 1 at a time.
  16. Dread

    Dread Member

    What im saying is, nerfing foot fighters even further into the ground makes a bigger gap between foot vs mounted. Not ignoring the problem, fine nerf it. BUT don't create a bigger gap than there already is.
  17. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    I just dont really view a slight stam rebalance to footbows as a nerf to foot v mounted. You dont need 0 stam drain to stand on a hill and shoot a mount. Or shoot a ma's mount till he runs.

    And they obviously dont view mounted as being in a good spot right now, hence the mount nerfs. So I'm not overly worried about a foot bow rebalance making mounted super broken or anything.
  18. Dread

    Dread Member

    HEY! Don't start sounding like
    LOL, just kidding :D

    Nerf it, that's fine with me but like i said I want to see the other bigger elephants in the room looked at.
  19. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    Calling for a nerf like this is a bad idea, instead you should think of some changes that dont just nerf the weapon, something like increase the stam drain but allow blocking with bow......this will ofc make lower ping even more OP but at least its not a flat out nerf
  20. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Well really the biggest problem is the entire bow system. The problem is asking for Sv to redo the entire bow system is a lot, so I just ask for bandaids lol

    What I mean by the bow system sucking, is that all it is pretty much the str slider. More str = more damage. And some materials do this better then others. But at the end of the day you can make a sub 2g bow that is a top tier pvp weapon (a 121 assym or a 80 str longbow). And theres pretty much nothing else to it. And then the way str works to calculate stam use just means go as high str as possible or dont use bows on foot. Its just bad.

    If you needed to spend more to get a top tier stam 80 str longbow, or a maxed damage 121 bow, then this would be different. Or if it was more like foot weapons, where you haev low str low stam weps like flanged, and big boy weapons. But being over str cap for the weapon doesnt effect stam. This would help lower str archers a ton.

    And if people were worried that making strong bows take more stam on foot like strong foot weapons, then they could nerf assym bows to take way more str then longbows so that MA still need to manage stam or use weaker bows or something. This would give a reason to be on foot and use a bow over being mounted.

    I'm just throwing ideas out there but generally it sounds like way more effort then just making the min stam use less aids for these op 2g bows.

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