New continent planned?

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by finegamingconnoisseur, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. finegamingconnoisseur

    finegamingconnoisseur Senior Member

    Just decided to browse around the MO website today, and found the continent of Nordveld listed as one of the locations at:

    Not really sure when they put up Nordveld, but is this a subtle hint of a future planned continent, and SV is leaving trails of breadcrumbs around on the game’s website for people to discover?

    My speculation is that Nordveld is quietly and secretly in their plans after they sort out TC...
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  2. Henrik Nystrom

    Henrik Nystrom CEO Staff Member Developer

    We have not fully decided which continent would be the next one.
    As you mentioned, we have a lot of focus on the newbie experience island and the update of the TC/guild system to do first.
    We have preparations for Nordvelt the cold continent or Herabalter the dark continent. We would love to start working on our ship system as well, which would mean the sunken kingdom to promote such feature.
    Would ofcourse be lovely to hear which continent you would like to see next on the list when we are about to start that area again that is. We know that some do not want us to add more continents until we have more players online which is understandable. We would also like to make some updates on our old continent Myrland, which have over 10 year old content that could need an update as well.
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  3. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    When is the new continent for Kitten'd coming?
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  4. Midkemma

    Midkemma Well-Known Member

    Dude, If I could become a pirate then you'll have me addicted all over again. XD
    Sea of Thieves sounds like such a disappointment and I need some kinda game where I can be a pirate :p
    I have feared that SV wouldn't be able to do this considering the limitation of maps, would this mean MO needed an engine update or can it potentially be done with what you got now?

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  5. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    You think it would be fun to be a pirate, but the fact remains that the enemy ship would simply send out their DKs after you through the water.
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  6. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    The records show 134 captures in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine for the page. They range in date from 19 Sep 2008 -to- 30 Jan 2018. The original sole entry under "Locations" was the Tindremic Empire.

    It was joined, on or before 23 Oct 2010, by Nordveld. Of additions to that page, Nordveld came *first*:

    Then, Sarducaa, on or before 18 Jan 2015-- probably significantly earlier, as there seem to be no snapshots taken in the entire year of 2014.

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  7. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Ya pretty much sums up my opinion :p. If we had a re steam release and the newbie island first / right after the continent release tho, a new continent would probably be ok.

    Then, if nubs would start on the newbie island(s? make multiple clones so that they dont all crowd one but all have the same experience) and they then spawned throughout nave in towns that sounded good to them it would spread life across all the continents. that would be cool. And if we had numbers like last steam release the current continents would still haev a lot more players than they do now.

    On the note of the newbie islands, I am hoping that you guys are planning on making it suggest that they spawn in different towns and not just Tindrem. Would really help populate other towns. When new players start in tindrem its really hard for them to move out. But if they got to pick from several towns with good descriptions a lot of them might spawn in the other towns like meduli and bakti. And if the player base was bigger and these towns had some more population it would work out really well.
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  8. Mandinga

    Mandinga Junior Member

    Naaah, lets add more continents so we can have 1 guild per continent. Best case would be one person per continent.
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  9. finegamingconnoisseur

    finegamingconnoisseur Senior Member

    In addition to this, I think SV should make the towns (and the world in general) more lively and that the culture in each different region was much more prominent.

    I travelled around recently and it just seemed like the world felt too ‘still’; I would have liked to see things like noisy, crowded taverns, npc vendors beckoning you to check out their wares when you are near them, and npc guards telling players to keep to their own business and stay out of trouble, or else.

    We could have more ambient sounds like blacksmith’s hammer banging away on the anvil, someone in one of the houses accidentally dropping a ceramic vase and it shatters, sounds of laughter, argument and general conversation carrying on in the background. Things of that nature.
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  10. VaddaPriest

    VaddaPriest Junior Member

    The game would be in a healthier state if intsead of adding a new continent, you removed one.
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  11. VaddaPriest

    VaddaPriest Junior Member

    Boats are not what this game needs. Every time you add features, they get pushed aside because you make them not viable, like trinkets. instead of adding boats, fix trinkets.

    Nobody uses them ever. They are too expensive and not worth using. Remove the requirement to recharge them and just make them drop on death, then people will actually use them.

    Whats the point of adding features if nobody uses them?
  12. Mandinga

    Mandinga Junior Member

    stfu trinckets best content ever, its amazing!!!
  13. MolagAmur

    MolagAmur Well-Known Member

    Just rework Myrland. Fuck a new continent. Give more dense forests and interesting terrain rather than wide open plains and deserts. Reworking Myrland would be much faster and easier.

    Would also like to see more Kranesh-like towns or camps with vendors.
  14. Midkemma

    Midkemma Well-Known Member

    Random thought, could Tind be excluded from this list and make it a town players have to travel to...?
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  15. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius Silver Supporter

    All of them.

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  16. jhackman

    jhackman Member

    Boats would be epic. Every noob that is in help chat askes if there are boats.
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  17. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    Najwalaylah said:
    "If you will tell me why the fen
     appears impassible, I then
     will tell you why I think that I
     can get across it if I try."
    --Marianne Moore​
    I want to see Nordveld.​
    @Henrik Nystrom : Krokan waked (cranky) and baked (still cranky) and wishes to remind you that "when you are about to start that area again" shouldn't be until you have more players as specified ^^ above. (I don't think he reads, just waits to type.)
    Hircine only skims, as well.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
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  18. Kardaninator

    Kardaninator Member

    plz do nordveldt

    so that my max height shirtless kallard has a purpose
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  19. jhackman

    jhackman Member

    Fuck norveld gimma another jungle.
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  20. Kardaninator

    Kardaninator Member

    ew no

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