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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by ApocaRUFF, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. ApocaRUFF Senior Member

    Read the original here.
    Some really interesting information in this dev blog. Xhodan should be happy.
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  2. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

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  3. Incarnadine Honored Member

    *ahem* weapon balances *ahem*...

    Or do we like GB online?
  4. Diphling The Desperado

    I hope mages are balanced to be fit to fight 1v1 in the arena.
    I am excited about further character progression.
  5. PoeX Silver Supporter

    I hope the arena is accessible to reds and you don't have to run through 50 guards to get there and then get Thunderbolted to death and /ragequit
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  6. sunshiner Well-Known Member

    A good read, nice with a little update
    total change of topic, but anyone know the price of books, and can you get them other places then tindrem? slight derail but seemed stupid to make another thread =S
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  7. Dsn Honored Member

  8. Shlaggy Junior Member


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  9. Sebastion Focus Group

    Veteran rewards and an open arena. Sounds awesome!
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  10. Dsn Honored Member

  11. Shlaggy Junior Member

    Yeah SV creates a chivalry medieval warfare like inside MO.

    If it works, awesome :D
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  12. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    MUAHAHAH FINALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i guess all the bitching, pming, talking to mods finaly paid off!!!!

    if this comes true i wont even try df2.0 thank you sv for bringing back hope!
    and be sure that i will sub another account and donate to you guys!!!
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  13. Dsn Honored Member

    they will probly have some gear balancing problems and so on.
  14. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    wow Xenia you dislike my post? why?
    because i want to give SV more money? because im happy they finaly put in a system that will defently help them out? your dislking that?
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  15. sunshiner Well-Known Member

    "grabs popcorn"
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  16. Incarnadine Honored Member

    *unwatches thread after stealing some popcorn*
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  17. Xhodan Xeus Well-Known Member

    not you too Bern :-( im disapointed
    i thought people would be happy! whatver guess not
    makes me sad. here im willing to help out SV, even getting 1 more account, donate money and my posts get disliked.
    to be honest i do fell kinda hurt now......
    than again its the inet what can i expect. :-(
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  18. sunshiner Well-Known Member

    apple is coming after you next, run!
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  19. Bernajo Exalted Member

    haha, sorry bud, it was just because I heard you mention the other guy who disliked your original post on comms. :p

    Though these changes are too lil too late for me. It is like they distract most of you with something shiny and most of you fall for it every time.
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  20. ltankhsd Senior Member

    No positivity allowed on these forums! Optimism is delusional and unrealistic!

    As for the blog it was a good read. Nice to see Dev Blogs making a comeback. I think MO players always want to know what to expect on the horizon so they have something to look forward to and discuss endlessly on the forums.

    I'm sort of "meh" on the arena since it's not my main area of interest but I'm glad it's being added for other people who like structured PvP. I hope with the AI tweaks they referred to they can take a look at the loot tables since per the poll I recently put up it seems fairly clear that many people would like to PvE for most of their profit rather than butcher.
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