New Facebook contest! Win a unique Jester's Cloak in game!

Discussion in 'MO Events & Contests' started by Nocturne, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. featherz Senior Member

    Not yet, we wait for email or facebook message I guess.
  2. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    I do seriously hope I won the first pic, I was the only one with a like on that one.
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  3. Grike Senior Member

    Haven't got mine yet..
  4. Atha Senior Member

    me too.... also im interested if i will get it for only 1 account^^
  5. Kuroi Well-Known Member

    Mortal OnlineCongrats to Simon Diethelm, Krystar Kay, Grande Tigre, Natty Cave, Kevin Bently and Liam Fisher for winning the unique Jesters Cloak! We will contact you soon!
    Winners please email us at and we'll get you squared away!
  6. Atha Senior Member

    Yea i know i writed to them but nooothing omg^^
  7. Nocturne Community Manager

    Will get them out tomorrow (US time!)
  8. quoptain Member

  9. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Ye Simon beat me the LAST DAY, damn it, I was leading that pic since day 1 of the contest and got beat the very last day :( Fuck that shit :mad:

    I am sorry Desty I didnt get a cape for u :(

    So who is Simon Diethelm ingame ? Hope for my sake ur not in Quad, if he aint then im sorry for him :D
  10. Atha Senior Member

    anyone get it? Nocturne mails me should look at Rewards but cant see the epic cloak^^
  11. Sebastian Persson Developer

    Hold on! They are coming!
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  12. Atha Senior Member

    wohhooo^^ thx Seb
  13. quoptain Member

    I was starting to panic. is the cloak lootable?
  14. Nocturne Community Manager

    Anyone able to grab their cloak yet? If so mind taking a screenshot for me?
  15. featherz Senior Member

    Wasn't there when me and trike checked after patch.
  16. quoptain Member

    i have mine on all three chars now ?
  17. featherz Senior Member

    4 slots for the win.
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  18. quoptain Member

    i dont know what to make in my fourth slot yet X:
  19. Nocturne Community Manager

    Thanks for the screenshot! It's live and in game.

    Check your rewards screen. It should be there. If not, let me know!

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  20. featherz Senior Member

    Nocturne still havnt got mine.

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