New Facebook contest! Win a unique Jester's Cloak in game!

Discussion in 'MO Events & Contests' started by Nocturne, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. featherz Senior Member

    Not yet, we wait for email or facebook message I guess.
  2. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    I do seriously hope I won the first pic, I was the only one with a like on that one.
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  3. Grike Senior Member

    Haven't got mine yet..
  4. Atha Senior Member

    me too.... also im interested if i will get it for only 1 account^^
  5. Kuroi Well-Known Member

  6. Atha Senior Member

    Yea i know i writed to them but nooothing omg^^
  7. Nocturne Community Manager

    Will get them out tomorrow (US time!)
  8. quoptain Member

  9. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Ye Simon beat me the LAST DAY, damn it, I was leading that pic since day 1 of the contest and got beat the very last day :( Fuck that shit :mad:

    I am sorry Desty I didnt get a cape for u :(

    So who is Simon Diethelm ingame ? Hope for my sake ur not in Quad, if he aint then im sorry for him :D
  10. Atha Senior Member

    anyone get it? Nocturne mails me should look at Rewards but cant see the epic cloak^^
  11. Sebastian Persson Developer

    Hold on! They are coming!
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  12. Atha Senior Member

    wohhooo^^ thx Seb
  13. quoptain Member

    I was starting to panic. is the cloak lootable?
  14. Nocturne Community Manager

    Anyone able to grab their cloak yet? If so mind taking a screenshot for me?
  15. featherz Senior Member

    Wasn't there when me and trike checked after patch.
  16. quoptain Member

    i have mine on all three chars now ?
  17. featherz Senior Member

    4 slots for the win.
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  18. quoptain Member

    i dont know what to make in my fourth slot yet X:
  19. Nocturne Community Manager

    Thanks for the screenshot! It's live and in game.

    Check your rewards screen. It should be there. If not, let me know!

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  20. featherz Senior Member

    Nocturne still havnt got mine.

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