New my first death thread.

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Dsn, Dec 5, 2012.


How did you die?

  1. PvP (red guy killd me).

  2. PvP (blue/gray guy killd me).

  3. PvE.

  4. Drowning.

  5. I fell and took (9001 dmg).

  6. Guarded/killed by guards.

  7. Bug it was a bug i tell you.

  8. Other.

  1. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

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  2. linkfr

    linkfr Senior Member

    someone really borred
  3. MO-Test

    MO-Test Trial Member

    Not died yet on my newbie char - where to vote ? :D
  4. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    not realy this was on my to do list of things to do when we get population.(cant reply for the next few h will be offline)
  5. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    Not like you could actually drown at that time.
  6. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    first die and then you can vote.
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  7. MO-Test

    MO-Test Trial Member

    Uh.. Okay, almost reminds me on RL...
  8. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    My first death was the first PvP death EVER in Mortal Online.
    Our old animator Denny killed me, while I was debugging, bastard.
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  9. NizeGuy

    NizeGuy Well-Known Member

    I drowned in Sausage Lake.
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  10. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

    My first death ever in Mortal Online was Sebastian lobbing my head off, and it was awesome :D
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  11. Celltech

    Celltech Trial Member

    I was just chillin', chopping some wood, just minding my own business. Then some random guy put dat sword in my back..
  12. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    Fought outside beta moh ki with khurite scout armour, a golden glove, and Flakestone sword. Good times
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  13. Zeeraha

    Zeeraha Well-Known Member

    ...killed by springbok, I can be sure of that. My PvP death was from GODLY at Fabernum grinder. Imagine, he was still blue when he killed me.
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  14. GetAngry

    GetAngry Member

    Oh the memories... I guess my first death was drowning too, but on release it was a red.
  15. sunshiner

    sunshiner Well-Known Member

    threw myself at a terrorbird with barehands... you dont do that for long before everything turns grey...
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  16. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    I died to the horrid fall dmg, ran up a tower and didnt think that small fall would kill me but.......

    Grew used to it pretty quick but never able to fully dodge the all mighty fall dmg of doom :D

    Yakazi what name did u use back then ? I did the same on my very first toon named Thyriun ;) Maybe we clashed swords very early in this game.
  17. Lierik

    Lierik Member

    I rode off a cliff. Never drink ride.
  18. Evrelon

    Evrelon Senior Member

    I fell down the mountains behind fabernum and then every other mountain in nave i think i have over a 100 deaths from rpk mountain slopes.
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  19. Legion138

    Legion138 Junior Member

    I got caught outside MK at night without a torch and fell off the cliff into the river. I searched forever for a priest, and when I finally gave up and teleported, somehow I got sent to the jungle.

    I re-rolled after 2 days lost in the jungle.
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  20. rdickers

    rdickers New Member

    My pet dog decided to take on 3 undead. I thought I was going to save him; stupid me.
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