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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by IS5416, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to drop a line and say greetings to all of the MO players and community, I've been keeping an eye on the game for quite some time, and despite some of the bad things I have read I just have to give it a shot.

    As a sandbox fan, especially when FFA PvP is involved, I've decided would be doing myself a serious disservice by not trying it. I can tolerate some bugs and glitches if the gameplay itself is worthwhile, I'm a very patient individual, and from what I have seen the gameplay seems to be quite fun and engaging.

    I've signed up for the 14 day trial and will be playing it out in it's entirety. After my trial is up I will be subbing, as I plan on sticking with the game for at least a few months, 60 days minimum, after which I will write an impression piece about my time spent with the game and determine whether I will continue to play it or not. That piece will be posted on these forums exclusively for the community here to read.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all, skilling up my character, and learning the ropes. Thanks for having me!

    PS: My forum nick is a movie reference from The Matrix, not just random gibberish :p
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  2. Gravvis

    Gravvis Senior Member

    Pm me and I'll spend some time with you to show you the ropes. We can not only explain the game but help you get started.
    Not looking to recruit you but more than willing to help.

    Welcome aboard!
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  3. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    Will do!

    I'm just downloading right now and my connection is pretty decent so I should be ingame in about 1hr30 minutes, give or take. I'll shoot you a PM when I am about to create my first character. Really appreciate the offer and look forward to speaking with you further.
  4. Arton Semeron

    Arton Semeron Trial Member

    Welcome to Nave. :)
    All the bugs are with me atm, so you should be fine.
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  5. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    what the hell!!!!!!!!!! give them back!!!!!

    oh and to OP
    Welcome to Nave! enjoy your stay!
    if your ever in Meduli, i can give you free stuff
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  6. Shinzon

    Shinzon Honored Member

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  7. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    How very appropriate, well played sir!
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  8. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    Rofl, well I should be all good then! Thanks for the welcome :)

    Thanks for the welcome Xhodan! not sure where I'll be starting out yet, so you just might see me around.
  9. Sebastion

    Sebastion Focus Group


    You will need to look past a few things but there is a gem of a game hidden here.

    And they are working pretty steady to bring it out from hiding.
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  10. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    Thanks Sebastion,

    I'm very easy going and tolerant, so looking past a few things won't be a problem at all.
  11. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    Forewarning, the game is in a rough patch now but there's no other games that fit the niche MO covers... so if you want this niche, you'll become a permanent resident here.

    As others have said, if you need any help come to Medu. I run -- -- and help new players out with starter gear, direction and odd jobs to help them get a leg up in the game. The first session or two in MO will be the hardest for ya, so tough it out and before you know it you'll be killing people in no time.
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  12. Arton Semeron

    Arton Semeron Trial Member

    Before you get to the gem you need to pass the test. The guy before you looked like this:


    Or you could take the pill.
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  13. Allastar

    Allastar Well-Known Member

    Maybe you are the One? Jk wrong movie poster I know. I love neo and the matrix. Watched the trilogy too many times...

    Anyways, welcome to MO. Enjoy your time and take it easy, no need to rush through anything. Take in the sights and explore a little once you feel ready. Always people around willing to help(and some to do the opposite). If you're ever around Bakti, give me a shout, always happy to help anyone, new or old.
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  14. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    Why did they never make sequels to "The One"..." I mean seriously, I would of watched that shit on principal alone for how awesome the first was.

    And Matrix more than left open to a new series....

    Oh wait, on topic...

    Did I say welcome and head to medu if you want a hand? I think so... Well, welcome again!
  15. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member


    I definitely plan to take it slow at first, no intent on trying to rush ahead. I want to learn the basics before I dive in head first and get to know the lay of the land (to a point).

    Appreciate the warm welcome :)
  16. Allastar

    Allastar Well-Known Member

    I do want to say though that diving in after a bit and getting completely lost is probably one of the funnest things you can do. Unless you get lost in the jungle. Then that sucks. I implore you, if you ever come by Bakti, don't go any more south of it alone. Unless you like falling of giant cliffs, being lost with weird noises all around, and lots of really slow swimming.

    Hah, agreed it was pretty awesome. More of either The Matrix or The One would have been pretty sweet, too bad it doesn't look like it's happening.
  17. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    Haha, noted :p

    And I also agree, it would have been nice to see The Matrix continued or a sequel for The One.
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  18. Morfildor

    Morfildor Member

    Welcome to MO, be ready for a bumpy yet enjoyable ride :)
  19. IS5416

    IS5416 Trial Member

    All downloaded and patched up, have to run out for abit to see some family that are visiting from out of town, but I will be creating a character and getting online in about two hours. See you then!
  20. Incarnadine

    Incarnadine Honored Member

    Make sure you read guides on char creation... thur/khur age 22-23 is the current recomended

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