Nodeline/Reboot Transporting (Exploits)

Discussion in 'NPC/AI Bugs' started by [420]GRiMSKuLL, Dec 2, 2016.

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  1. [420]GRiMSKuLL

    [420]GRiMSKuLL Senior Member

    These need to be fixed. Their use ruins the risk:reward that makes the game fun.

    For a long time now people have been able to transport risk free using at least two different methods.

    (if either of these have been fixed already correct me)

    Method 1:

    Load up your mount before reboot.
    Tell it to stay.
    Suicide and ghost to your destination.
    Resurrect at your destination.
    Wait for server reboot.
    Log in and your pet is there fully loaded.

    Method 2:
    edit: might already be fixed

    Locate a nodeline and die directly on it.
    Ghost to your destination.
    Resurrect with all your loot and gear.
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  2. Kokiri_Glade

    Kokiri_Glade Well-Known Member

    I believe the nodeline one was fixed according to patch notes
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  3. kraziearchon

    kraziearchon New Member

    I think reboot one supposed to be fixed too if pet is out of range after reboot it blows up

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