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Discussion in 'Guild & Player Politics and Discussion' started by KilLox, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

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  2. t2ddyb3ar

    t2ddyb3ar Senior Member

    IX is a seperate guild not a faction of KOV always was and always wil be. Also kinda pointless mentioning us as 90% doesnt even play the game.
  3. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    IX were fighting underneath the KoV banner, so they were in fact a faction of the war.
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  4. linkfr

    linkfr Senior Member

    IX still playing droped IX tag.
    IX who werent playing and came back (like tedd, kurko etc) came with a tag on their head but IX was already dead .
    So yes ,you saw people with a IX tag during the war gainst KOV but barely more than few toons who just were to lazy to wait a KOV invite or to /g leave, they didnt even bother doing this because it wasnt a factor and everybody, except you it seems, was aware of IX not playing MO.
  5. Banthor

    Banthor Member

    Nobody Cares Lets All Just Go Inactive In Peace
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  6. Atrosion

    Atrosion Senior Member

    Well said.

    Best regards
  7. grey30

    grey30 Trial Member

    It would be much less stupidity without you
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  8. Zergi

    Zergi Well-Known Member

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  9. KhajiTtaz

    KhajiTtaz Junior Member

    Tnx guys this was a good laugh
    now we cann al live in peace
  10. grey30

    grey30 Trial Member

    Nah. Have no doubt. Just quit and dont post again.
    Your post is simply pointless groundless ranting.
    Not a word of reason or fact or joke.
    Even when you attempt to belittle me you actually complement me
    "You literally tried to rip people a new asshole"
    A little under rated but complement never the less.

    Just crawl under the rock and pretend you die. Battle of wit is not for you.
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  11. grey30

    grey30 Trial Member

    Bliss. It is a bliss.
    Indeed one of us in blessed bliss and you are sure its me......let me check reaction of other people to my posts in this thread


    and last but not least rating from my opponent
    useful - myndziuss rated your post [​IMG]

    Indeed one of us in blessed bliss.
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  12. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    Gascan might want to get another insult besides:

    "U dun know english" (multiple spelling and grammar mistakes in his own posts)

    "Ur mad n raging" the classic insult for situations when you have nothing else to say.
  13. Maximiliuss

    Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    I think we had more fun tbh. We had alot of cohesiveness thanks to everyone in the server trying to get our land, and as a result we fought well and in harmony. We had pvp when we wanted it, it was great. We also all became very rich in game so this may not be the last you see of the lot. Good fights, good laughs, just be sure you boys realise that you are now all obliged to work together. Because there is a reason you needed a zerg that big to begin with.

    Of course, in the grand scheme of things none of that matters. Easy pixes to get, so it's all about the interaction. Many players were offended by the talk of money that spewed in our guild, truth its, the average joe in MO doesn't need much to play. Part of the fun, right? But nothing can be said about the legit coffers we amassed. Thanks to the hard work of our tamers, Zodina, Zarothan, and Larson. Our main blacksmith and bowyer ichorous who is responsible for bringing the intereset of precious materials to us, And Killox who rages, goes afk with multiple clients running, smokes a bowl, and is all happy again.

    I hope they add more value to structures in the future as well with precious resources, so when your palisades get under attack you will lose more than just 10k gold. This carebear alliance has bonded you guys, you should all make just one guild. May as well, you had like 4 months of non aggression pact with most of the server and now you never know when the rich boys can attack your pixels. Or you can tell me to fuckmyself I like that just as much.

    See you boys around!
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  14. Bernajo

    Bernajo Exalted Member

    Only one that spoke of money was you.

    Every kov member I know says they really aren't that well off. No one cares if you have a lot of it. It's just funny because you think it makes you a hotshot, when in reality, you've simply become a punchline to a joke.

    With that, I bid farewell to this thread. Shame on me for posting in the first place.
  15. grey30

    grey30 Trial Member

    In context who keep it real and who is delusional 3rd party options totally appropriate.

    It is a game forum and a lot of people act immature but not as primitive as you.
    Your groundless accusation in rage, language and now in insecurity are kindergarten level.
    Pathetic really and so clumsy so even people you trying to defend do not support you.
    Ah well I let you have a last word here.
    Buh bye kid
  16. grey30

    grey30 Trial Member

    Yeah great players and good comrades Larson, Lemon, Ichorous
    I enjoy our conversation in TS and wish you best
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  17. Maximiliuss

    Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    Let me interject... :) You are welcome whenever you crazy russian jersey dude.
  18. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    Everytime the S guys kill you...
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  19. Maximiliuss

    Maximiliuss Well-Known Member

    In GK. Just transfered a banls worth of poles to kill kids with. Btw with all due respect why is S living there? They are a rp guild no? These be harsh lands... Not eally fit for their sort.
  20. fieldyk592

    fieldyk592 Gold Supporter

    Well, have you ever fought them? Shouldnt judge a book by its cover.

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