Our active subscriptions were cancelled?

Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by Kalagaraz, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Kalagaraz New Member

    I still have an active subscription, but now in game I'm labelled as a free player and my skills all dropped to 60? What the hell? Am I going to have to pay for another month even though my current month isn't over?
  2. No your current sub time should not be affected, we will look into your case.
  3. Kalagaraz New Member

    Seems to be affecting a lot of people in game. There is a huge uproar at tindrem bank about it, lots of players affected.
  4. Paratus Guest

    If this is the case there might be a bug in the login server. I'm looking into it. If so, no patch is required it's all server-side.
  5. Mind Trial Member

    try to restart client
  6. Dgrade Trial Member

    I had this issue too. Now I am not capped at 60, but my points were not refunded....is there any way for that to be fixed?
  7. Kalagaraz New Member

    Same problem for me as well, all my primary skills for my extractor are set back to 60...My cap has been removed, but everything is 60....

    Is this going to be fixed?
  8. Dgrade Trial Member

    Exact same thing for me, I have a support ticket up but it hasn't been responded to in the past hour...I am sitting around with carcass just rotting waiting for them to fix this...
  9. Kalagaraz New Member

    I filed a petition in-game, but still no responce.

    Anyone looking into this?
  10. Dgrade Trial Member

    I finally got a response but they are now telling me there is nothing they can do but wait for the devs to fix it with another patch...so basically we have to either reskill or wait for a patch...IDK about you but this is getting me extremely pissed off..
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  11. Riftmaster Senior Member

    This may be harsh, but I kinda wonder if it might be a good idea to wait for a week after any patch of MO to actually log in and try to play....:D

    Edit: But then, of course, who would test the patch?
  12. Retepet Well-Known Member

    what the hell ?
    GMs can set skills as they please, keep nagging.
  13. Riftmaster Senior Member

    Mayhaps someone told the GM's they were not allowed to?
  14. Dgrade Trial Member

    Bugging them doesn't work, they just are waiting for the devs to make a hotfix...kinda annoying that this glitch happened...but i guess some sort of glitch would happen
  15. Riftmaster Senior Member

    Well if you think about it, if they screw around and manually restore your skills, then the devs hotpatch, the two fixes might collide and who knows what might happen?

    Edit: You never know with computer shit, sometimes two rights might make a wrong. o_O
  16. Dgrade Trial Member

    I suppose that's true, still would be nice to not waste more mats to level my skills because otherwise who knows how long it will take
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