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  1. Nocturne

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    Notes marked with * have been added after the initial post.

    • Unarmed players can no longer perfect block an incoming attack from someone with a weapon (two unarmed players may block as normal with each other).
    • New duel system added. Target the person you want to duel and type /duel. The targeted player will have 30 seconds to respond and receive a notice to do likewise back to the player who initiated the duel. Both players will then be added to each others "local allowed" and free to attack one another.
    • You may right click a target's health bar to initiate a duel additionally.
    • The server now tracks everyone involved in a fight. Every player who damages another player will be added to the other player's fight-list for a duration of 120 seconds.

      If one player helps another by healing, purifying, or other means, they will become local-allowed to all players already engaged with the player they've helped.

      This means that:
      1. A player that helps a criminal who is killing an innocent will be considered involved in the murder.
      2. An un-guilded blue player who heals people in a guild vs guild battle will become local-allowed for everyone fighting the player who they healed. If that healed player then kills his enemy, and that enemy is blue, the healer may be considered a murderer.
      3. Local allowed flags burn out after 2 min unless re-triggered.
    • Loot bags will now display a warning if looting from the bag is considered a criminal action.
    • The shield icon, indicating your status flag, will now animate when changed to better get attention.
    Free to play
    • Free accounts can no longer build houses.
    • Free accounts can no longer pay house upkeep.
    • Fishing vendor will now sell a few new and interesting books.
    • Now easier to accomplish a chemical reaction when combining two potions.
    • Pets can no longer be set to attack fledglings.
    • Updated the look of several parts of Tindrem.
    • Added more fog to Tindrem to give it more depth.
    • You now correctly see other players swim when they are in water.
    • Pressing ESC while in chat-mode will now correctly give back the keyboard to the game.*
    • Fixed up several game-messages that wasn't correctly displayed.
    • Increased the amount of Springboks in Tindrem Garden.
    • Increased re-spawn rate of the Springboks in Tindrem Garden.
    • One hand must now be free when consuming food/drinks.
    • Players in the etherworlds can no longer see NPC/Players that are NOT in the etherworld unless they are a priest.
    • A new icon in the bottom right of the UI now shows if you are overburdened. The icon will go from green to red where red, meaning you can no longer move.
    • You no longer get a double error message when whispering people that aren't online.*
    • Turning off gore will now turn of NPC material-blood.*
    • Fixed a couple of issues that could cause players to see strange things when they get their head chopped off.*
    • Interactive foliage no longer block traces. (Bushes no longer react to players, but they no longer block all those things it's currently blocking, like looting)*
    • Lictors no longer care about defending players vs NPCs. They will only look for players that are committing crime.*
    • You now correctly take fall-damage even when ending up in water. The amount is around 1/3 of the damage you would take if you hit the ground and reduced by your diving skill.*
    • Blacklist should now correctly work.*
    • You should no longer get double messages when sending to the help channel.
    • Fixed various typos in the new-player-guide.
    • After 48 hours (of in game time) newly created characters (fledglings) will lose access to the help channel.
    • Game Masters have the ability to grant veteran players with Help Chat access to assist new players.
  2. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    Updated to reflect changes made in .10.
    All added notes have a *.
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