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  1. Henrik Nystrom

    Henrik Nystrom CEO Staff Member Developer

    Is currently under final testing and tweaking on test server before it goes to live server.

    • All spawned creatures now spawn with random rotation, making untouched spawners look more natural when first found.
    • Fixed a couple of issues where the leg-param on dynamic mounts would cause the AI to float a bit above the ground if it had short legs.
    • Fixed up dynamic scaling of AI collision boxes. Scaled AI should now float a lot less when dynamically scaled.
    • Severly improved node-transitions for patrolling AI.
    • Added better tools for artist for finding out where to place the feet of ai then fixed all of the current AI feet placement.
    • Spawners will now have better control of AI that leaves the node.
    • AI that gets added to a node but was spawned before will now re-connect with it's spawner. This should fix the issue with some AI doubling when a node goes down.
    • Optimized node transitions for AI.
    • Cleaned up an issue where spawners could spawn in places that made it impossible to keep track of the AI, hence "leaking" AI.
    • AI that touch each other while roaming will now just briefly look at the other AI rather then keep doing for a very long time.
    • Fixed a bug where tamed AI incorrectly wouldn't level past level 100.
    • The Springboks in the tutorial have been transformed into pigs.
    • A new Springbok spawner have been added shortly outside of Tindrem.
    • Fixed the animations for terror birds.
    • Optimized the death effects of mobs.
    • The massive Thorax should now roam nave once more.
    • Fixed some client sync when AI is moving around but decides to stop on the server. This should sort all kinds of issues with AI moving back and forth etc.
    • Fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn't respawn with the correct flag.
    • Book vendors now sell drawing paper.
    • Removed a lot of food from the Grocer.
    • Fixed an issue where some vendors would take you money even thou your backpack was full and you couldn't get the item.
    • Fixed Veredari use message.
    • TownCrier is now Town Crier.
    • Fixed an issue where the equerry wouldn't correctly update the UI opened.
    • Fixed an issue where it would be possible to glitch out and be able to give MC to players in your guild or that your guild is at war with.
    • Guild acronym kicked up in importance and should now be sent along with the initial player info.
    • Added a couple of cool downs to the UI to avoid spamming.
    • Labels are now shown on action bar buttons, indicating the key-binding to activate the button.
    • The UI will now automatically attempt to reload your action bars between session. You should no longer need to use /resetui.
    • The compass will now remember when it's not wanted.
    • Several instances of UI settings, macros and more not saving between sessions have been fixed.
    • Added a fix that should sort the issues people had with UI now correctly loading.
    • Added /fps command to show your fps.
    • Added /unittimes to show game ms
    • Helpers,devs and gms will now have a special color in the help-channel.
    • /endtutorial no longer takes you out of the help-channel use
    • /endhelpchat if you want the leave the helpchat.
    • Invalid chat now tries to tell you what char you can't use.
    • /mc and /murdercounts will now also show your murdercounts.
    • /emote list will now show the emote list, just like writing /emote will do
    • Fixed odd space in "is not a criminal" messages.
    • The manegment skill now increase your stable limit from 5 to 10.
    • Skills that level up by moving will now take in account if you have moved rather then if you tried to move.
    • Made it easier to get points in skills that force you to move around.
    • Changed fist weapon skills from primary to secondary
    • Fixed correct crafting skills for mace and flanged mace heads.
    • Made it easier to get points in skills that force you to move around.
    • You can now block on mounts.
    • Fixed an issue where two tames taming the same thing would end up causing issues.
    • Fixed cooking issue where Black Creft would be wrongly named after cooked.
    • Magic reflect now cost 25 mana.
    • Magic reflect pre cast time is now 2s.
    • Fixed issue where taming/domination wouldn't always correctly gain XP.
    • Corrupt lasts for 6 ticks.
    • You can no longer plant illegal items on players while using thievery.
    • Added support for Mouse Blocking the same way you can toggle where to swing using the mouse you can no decide to use the same system for blocking.
    • Corrupt last 6 ticks
    • When you start taming a creature you will now instantly be told if you won't get any XP for taming/dominating that pet.
    • Skills that level up by moving will now take in account if you have moved rather then if you tried to move.
    • Fixed a couple of lakes that didn't have any fish.
    • Fixed dueling messages using the wrong name.
    • Fixed a issue where tracing would get confused when fighting players around towers/siege weapons.
    • Fixed an issue with stun-timers that made shorter timers cancel longer timers.
    • Fixed a rare issue in tracing that could cause problems when fighting several foes at once.
    • Rebuilt system for aiming with melee from a mount. The new system should now much better identify where you are aiming based on where you are looking. This will influence the animation and therefore the arch of the swing.
    • Rebuilt how aim when aiming with a bow is affected by the player. The aim of the player is now affected by mouse-movement and the speed the player is currently moving at.
    • Blocking sparks will now ONLY appear when it's a valid parry.
    • Fixed so that you don't get counters from blocks, but ONLY from parry.
    • Reduced the impact of const on movement speed.
    • Re-balanced the speed curve a little bit to have a little more variety for builds that have a lot more dex.
    • Fixed physics on decorations such as capes that where lagging behind one frame
    • Weapon weight have been removed from the equipment weight calculation.
    • Equipment weight have been renamed armor weight.
    • Limited items can no longer be placed in bags.
    • Lifted most of the hard item-restrictions from items.
    • Built a system for better filtering of items when you change node. This should severely improve node-lag.
    • Improved the tracing system for bows vs players. The system is now a lot more exact and you can once again get equipment hits with bows.
    • New bow tracing system also supports a lot more exact hit detection vs mounted players.
    • Made it easier to get points in skills that force you to move around.
    • Incisium defensive values reduced to a level of the platescales def values.
    • You can no longer eat pig-iron.
    • Player books will now have their display name changed to whatever title they have.
    • Player books and player drawings added to the broker filters, they are found under items.
    • You will no longer see ALL the items you are selling at brokers in the broker window. Instead you will only see the items you sell at that broker.
    • Player books/drawings will now always send their full name when requested from a broker window.
    • Fixed an issue where fried meals would get the incorrect name.
    • Fixed saddle bag icon/desc.
    • Optimized how damage materials are loaded a bit.
    • The first batch of donation-capes have been added.
    • Fixed a bug where you could have issues with using certing objects because their collision radius was to large.
    • Fixed tracing issues caused by the fact that poleaxe weapons are held in the left hand while equipped in the right hand. This messed up tracing on some weapons such as spears.
    • Fixed flying hail-casters.
    • Thrust blade crit slightly increased
    • Thrust mod slightly increased, blunt slightly decreased cut slightly increased
    • Short worn blade renamned to Short Kris Blade
    • Short Thorn Blade slightly reduced thrustmod
    • Heavy short blade slightly reduced volume, slightly increased crit cut and thrust mod.
    • Curved Blade slightly increased cut mod and decreased thrust mod
    • Pouring liquids into a empty vial will now rename the vial to the name of the vial that the liquid was in.
    • Buffed fist weapons damage slightly
    • Optimized the tick of all mounts.
    • Mount's boost timer is now more heavily affected by the mounts psyche.
    • Mounts can now jump again, simply press space to have a mount jump. The rules for when a mount can jump depends on the mount. The strength of the jump is determined by the mounts dex.
    • Mount animations should now work as intended.
    • Dragged in the pitch traces for mounts, this should fix issues with mounts not always correctly pitching to follow terrain.
    • The max allowed pitch for mounts have been increased.
    • Cleaned up the jump off a mount system to make it look less glitchy.
    • Optimized generation of mounted mounts.
    • Fixed an issue where players that where created mounted would in third-person have the incorrect mount sizes.
    • Fixed mount up animations so that it should now more properly play when you see someone first mounting.
    • You can now see where other players are looking when they are mounted.
    • Removed the smoke from mount footsteps.
    • Fixed an issue where several instances of the same mount could be created when jumping off a mount.
    • Fixed an issue where you would pose strangely when shield bashing of a mount.
    • Fixed issue with mounts in firstperson hovering slightly.
    • Fixed an issue where pets would start running to 0,0,0 and therefore get lost upon node-transition.
    • Fixed an potential dupe of a pet-instance upon node transitions. This could cause issues like logging in and having all you pets beside you even thou they were stabled, pets dying in stables etc.
    • Fixed issues with prediction working...not so well for mounted players making mounted players fly around a lot more then they should.
    • Fixed up position sync when you leave a mount.
    • Fixed mount phys not correctly being turned on and off. (Physical animation)
    • Fixed a mount issue where mounts wouldn't correctly get created unless they got their phys-animation turned on.
    • Fixed issue where newly mounted mounts would be in the ground until they first move.
    • Fixed an issue where dual wielding from a mount would sometimes use the incorrect stats from the left weapon.
    • Fixed tracing issues when dual wielding from a mount.
    • Fixed tracing issues when having a spear and on a mount.
    • Fixed a couple of issues with left-swing from a mount.
    • Fixed up the animation-speed sync when mounted and swinging.
    • Fixed issues with pets getting stuck walking back and forth on node lines for a long time.
    • Mounted players mounts will now have their blood material updated just as if it was not mounted.
    • Improved phat-tracing for mounted players, you can now hit equipment,torso,lowerbody and the head of a mounted player.
    • Hitting a mounted players horse will now have the horse respond to the damage.
    • Mounted mounts now correctly calculate their speed based on how much they carry.
    • The size of all mounts is now better reflected when you ride it in first person.
    • Mounted mounts that get killed now correctly drop what they are holding.
    • Unmounting will now place the mount on your right side rather then placing it at a random pot.
    • Added a defensive state for pets. /pet <index> defensive will now put the pet in a defensive state where it will ONLY defend itself and not actively look for targets.
    • Dynamic pets now have their defense values calculated using their stats.
    • Dynamic pets now have their max carry calculated using their stats.
    • Cleaned up the phat for mounts to make them look a lot better when they die.
    • You can now block on mounts.
    • Added special case for pets that follow their tamer, these pets will now have the ability to ALWAYS know where the pet owner is. Even when the two are on different nodes. This should severely improve node-transitions with nodes.
    • Rebuilt system for aiming with melee from a mount. The new system should now much better identify where you are aiming based on where you are looking. This will influence the animation and therefore the arch of the swing.
    • The knockdown force that is used to calculate if a character gets knocked down by a mount or not (used in the skill calcs) is now based of the mounts size stat and its strength stat
    • Passive stat for pets will now force the pet to not attack anything even if attacked.
    • Pressing ctrl to cancel a charge will no longer be possible after the charge has been released.
    • The boost timer is now more heavily affected by the mounts psyche.
    • Fixed abbreviation to name in the declare war on the Guild window.
    • Fixed an issue where abandoned pets turned blue after the old owner changed their flag.
    • Fixed UI issues with the creature control command menu
    • Fixed some animation issues with mounts.
    • Added support for mount breeding. To breed mounts simply bring 2 mounts to the equerry.
    • Added support for offline training of pets. To train a pet simply bring it to a equerry.
    • Built upon the node-transition system for pets it now works a lot better.
    • Built a system for better filtering of items when you change node. This should severely improve node-lag.
    • Logout counter when dead is now always 10 sec.
    • Physics will now go to sleep faster to avoid glitching ragdolls.
    • Severely reduced stress on the server when saving items and skills. This should improve server stability.
    • Severely optimized skill sending when crossing nodes. This should very much improve client-sided node-transitions (freeze or lag) as well as make the server side of node-transitions a lot smoother and the server more stable.
    • Optimized and built a queue for heavy item recalculations.
    • Optimized item search functions on the node and client.
    • Added a unified system for checking player named things to avoid players using odd characters.
    • You can now not trade a house too a free account but you can trade a house FROM a free account.
    • Fixed too far away message on house trade.
    • Updated some of the tutorial text.
    • Turning physics-powered animations down to 0 will no longer have 1 physics animation running.
    • Default thirst is now 10 rather then 20. Potion utilization still increase this with 10.
    • Messing defensive values buffed to current live server Incisium defensive values
    • Labels are now shown on action bar buttons, indicating the key-binding to activate the button.
    • Cleaned up and removed some no longer needed prediction information.
    • Added short cool-down for collecting and sending mail.
    • Sewers in Tindrem have been open.
    • Loot bags that are dropped in water will no longer sink to the bottom causing all kinds of problems.
    • Reduced the volume of the etherworlds ambient loop to save ears.
    • Fixed an issue where the fishing UI would oddly enough come up when trying to manifest without kau.
    • Fixed issue with players that got loaded while you where dead would have a odd bow on their back once you resurrected.
    • Fixed and issue where house that where in the process of adding a module wouldn't have to pay taxes.
    • Tutorial message box telling you how to craft the robe will now only come up as long as you don't have the full robe.
    • Unified crafted items auto-name.
    • You can now add modules to houses that you are a friend of.
    • You can now tear pages out of a books and use as notes or letters.
    • Added support for player-drawings.
    • Lifted most of the hard item-restrictions from items.
    • Re-added the restrictions for free-users and buying things from the vendor.
    • Sophistication has been reset.
    • Extractions timers reduced by 20%
    Please not the patch note that patch note may not be final.
    03-19 touched up by the seb.
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