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    • Fixed an issue where vendors would stop trading when their stock got to high.
    • Librarian now tells you your bags are full before taking your money.
    • Added the inspect book to the Demonolog in Morin Khur.
    • Moving NPCs in the overseer should now work a lot better.
    • Dismissing keep NPCs should now work as intended.
    • Found and fixed issue where Priests would stop resurrecting.
    • Library now have a publish tab. On this tab you can buy books written by players or publish a book you have written so that other players can buy it. Once you have sent your book to publish it will be checked by our staff and then OK'd. Once it's OK'd players will be able to buy it.
    • Nitre workers now correctly have attacks.
    • Fixed a bug where AI incorrectly wouldn't level past 120 when they should be able to reach 125.
    • Added Lykiator to the breeding system.
    • Added Lykiator to the mount system.
    • Added Molva Beast to the breeding system.
    • Added Molva Beast to the mount system.
    • Cleaned up the horse physics a bit.
    • Fixed issue where Mules wouldn't correctly get their stat bonuses when becoming mules.
    • Made NPC drops slightly more interesting.
    • AI will no longer target players that are in the login state.
    • Reduced the grow size of horses.
    • Reduced the size of bull Horses a little bit.
    • Added support for bonus defense on dynamic creatures.
    • Minion Rock Golems can now be dominated.
    • Clubs dropped by tribe rat warriors are more valuable when sold to vendors.
    • Thorax now have a slightly faster ranged acid attack.
    • Added artificial stupidity when flying AI attack none-flying AI to avoid abuse of tamed/dominated flying creatures in PvE.
    • Added tooltips in the pet window. These will show you general information on what the stats do as well as in some cases the calculated result.
    • Breeding the same species of mounts will now give a slight bonus during the death/ calc.
    • Dynamic stats for mounts now correctly slightly influenced by level.
    • You can no longer send pets that are level 100 or above to the train in the stables.
    • Mount INT now also reduces the chance that a Mount will throw you off when being damaged.
    • Pet window attacks will now show the max damage of the attack instead of the DPS.
    • Increased the amount of HP a mount loses when doing a knockdown.
    • Fixed an issue where some pets wouldn't always correctly save when a server went down.
    • Added check for breeding/training pets to make sure they don't have items on them.
    • Pet system should now correctly sort the slots in a better way when you lose a pet.
    • Pet Info screen will now clearly state when a pet is out of range instead of removing the pet from the list.
    • Pet receipts will now show the pets gender in its tooltip.
    • Pets that are attacking will now tick their level up timer twice as fast as pets that are not.
    • Level locks on mounts should now correctly be saved.
    • Mount breeding now compare the two parents to see how similar they are when breeding. If they are too similar there is a large risk that the newborn won't make it due to inbreeding.
    • Eye color on base color will now be used when breeding/spawning dynamic mounts.
    • Reduced the chance for a failed breeding to counter for the new inbreeding.
    • Fixed up breeding messages.
    • Breeding messages will now be shown in a popup.
    • The middle speed of all mounts will now be dynamically calculated so that it's the fastest speed the mount can move at without losing stamina. If this is the same speed as the mounts max speed it will be slightly slower.
    • Mounts with riders should now get the correct physics when dying.
    • Mounts with armor now correctly get a boost to their defense.
    • Mounted mounts with armor now correctly get their defense used and boosted when hit.
    • Fixed issue where mounts would sometimes lose part of their dynamic look when the rider swapped weapons.
    • Added more checks when stabling to make sure the pet does not have items on it.
    • Improved AI follows when they are attacking.
    • Fixed issue with none-correct release speed being used on mount
    • Fixed issue with floating mounts.
    • Fixed issue with mounts being in the ground when mounted.
    • The "all" buttons in the pet window now works.
      • Added support for /pet 0 commands, all pet commands sent to pet 0 will go to all pets you have.
    • Improved connection between tamed creatures and their owner.
    • The command menu no longer ask something after sending a stay.
    • Fixed issue where defensive stance and aggressive stance didn't skill up correctly.
    • Fixed issue where defensive/aggressive stance wasn't auto-learned.
    • You now level up armor training and heavy armor training a lot faster when fighting. Note that you only level this up when you have more armor on then you can currently carry.
    • Added a new skill: inspect. Using this skill on any AI will give you more information on the creature such as stats on a mount.
    • Made riding slightly more important when riding difficult mounts.
    • Advanced cooking now correctly give you 7 extra slots.
    • Armor training total xp have been slightly decreased
    • Heavy armor training total xp have been decreased
    • New primay combat skill added, Lances under melee combat
    • Moving a full stack of items on a stack that it can be stacked with will no longer cause the items to go invisible.
    • Arrows can now be added to the hotbars.
    • Further updated the subsystem for UI so that it can now handle a LOT larger books/configs/drawings.
    • Fixed bug causing problems with hotbar icons not loading on new session.
    • Compass should now finally remember to stay away.
    • Chat box opacity and size will now save properly between sessions.
    • Bottom options bar and modifications bar will now always position properly.
    • You can no longer split directly into house chests/loot etc.
    • Fixed an issue where dragging items directly from the paperdoll to a chest/loot would make the item go invisible. Items that are in this state will be fixed in chests and placed at the first slot after patch.
    • Pet info now uses a GUID for its buttons. This means the buttons if dragged to a hotbar will ONLY work for that pet instead of any pet at that pet’s slot.
      • You can still use the index if you want but you would have to write macros to do that.
    • Fixed an issue where taking items from the house chest wouldn't remove the item from the UI.
    • Improved UI updating of the keep overseer.
    • Cleaned up an issue where moving items inside a chest would correctly give you the "can't move this item" but would remove the item from the UI.
    • Made broker items that time out a lot more exact.
    • If previous session configuration fails to load on startup, it will keep trying for a minute before giving up and displaying a warning. This should rarely happen and is just a precaution.
    • Items removed from the inventory, for example when pickpocketed, without the inventory visible will no longer result in "ghost" items.
    • Taste identification tooltip bar ranges significantly adjusted to provide better insight into food and potion attributes.
    • Fixed UI issues with splitting stacks and putting them right back on their original stack.
    • Fixed issues where it would look like you could put bags in bags.
    • Trying to equip directly from bank will now give info and clean up the UI.
    • Fixed chat issue with guild-info messages.
    • Timer for how often you can call guards increased from 1 sec to 4.
    • Severely optimized a leak that would cause FPS drop. We would really like to get feedback on this fix.
    • Fixed lods on all player armor parts that will increase the performance in large scales population by a lot.
    • Fixed issue where the engine tried to clean up floating loot bags in water by moving them to the bottom.
    • Fixed up the odd bushes in Meduli.
    • Added 6 new colors for the common saddle.
    • Tweaked sun light.
    • Tweaked post process.
    • Made some changes to the volumetric fog.
    • Fixed issue where tables could be interacted with while dead.
    • Balanced some racial caps:
      • Blainn con +2
      • Huergar con +2
      • Kallard con +1
    • Mounted players that have their horse killed will now correctly be set in falling mode.
    • Psyche now impact mounts boost speed.
    • Having a saddle on a mount will now boost your checks when checking if you fall off. Different saddles give different amounts of boost.
    • Fixed issue where you couldn't get items out of a wall-chest.
    • Fixed issues with unequipping directly from paperdoll to bank.
    • Fixed issues with unequipping directly from paperdoll to pet or bag.
    • Items can now be moved inside chests.
    • Items can now be swapped inside chests.
    • Fixed a bug where towers wouldn't lose HP (due to not being able to pay their CP cost) if it would destroy them.
    • Cleaned up a lot of guild messages.
    • Fixed issue where items moved from bag or mount to another bag or mount wouldn't correctly get updated in the UI or become invisible.
    • Added noticeboards around Nave. Noticeboards are boards that you can post information on. To post information get a book, write something on a page and pull that page out of the book. You can then add that note to the board.
    • Added blank player books vendors in each city.
    • You now need to be close to open house chests.
    • Fixed a typo that made blue kills count as nobleman kills.
    • Book title increased to 20 chars from 15.
    • Decreased extraction timer by 15%
    • First character created can only start in Tindrem.
    • Inverse kinematics active on legs again. This will adjust feet animations to prevent them passing through the ground.
    • Player footstep sounds will now better synchronize with the animation. *
    • Cleaned up workbench interaction messages and input.
    • You now need to be close to the house workbenches to use them.
    • Fixed issue where you couldn't craft on the bench at the top of a tower.
    • Added lances to the crafting system.
    • Fixed an issue where holding a charge using a bow of melee when dismounting would continue to drain stamina after jumping off.
    • When in combat mode, players on a mount will no longer play additive upper body animations.
    • Fixed an issue with pressing ctrl while charging a swing.
    • Built a thrust system when mounted. It works as follows:
      • Press alt and left mouse on when mounted and your character will enter thrust mode. While in thrust mode anything your weapon comes in contact with will trigger the release.
      • The damage dealt by this attack is heavily dependent on the speed of you and your target. If a target is running away from you when you hit it the damage will be less.
      • But if you hit a target that is running towards you the damage can scale by a lot.
      • The weapon used will take a fairly large durability based on the speeds of impact.
    • Clicking and holding right mouse while in ranged mode will make you hold your breath. During this time your aim's wobble will cool down a lot faster but you will drain 40% the amount of stamina.
    • You can no longer knockdown players unless you are boosting with your mount.
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