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    • The mail window will now show the name of the sender.
    • Added a rename button in the pet info.
    • Added a transfer pet button in the pet info.
    • There is now a return to sender button for mail with COD.
    • Broker can now filter to show only item sets in addition to hiding them.
    • Improved some messages in the tutorial.
    • Significant changes to tree level of detail. Trees at medium ranges will now look more detailed without a hit on performance.
    • *Balanced knockdown a bit.
    Bug Fixes
    • *Fixed issue with mounts coming back to life.
    • *Player brokers no longer take taxes
    • *Fixed issues with donation/vet points not working as intended
    • Broker items will now correctly show full stats.
    • None-mount receipts on broker will now show where they are stabled.
    • Management skill will now give the correct amount of items that you can list at the broker.
    • Sorting columns in the broker window will now work correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where some resources could not be used to create buy orders.
    • Fixed bug causing item or button tool tips to sometimes go off-screen.
    • Fixed a bug which could, in some rare conditions, cause the item split count tool tip to be positioned improperly or not displayed.
    • Fixed bug with accuracy of statistics bar on items with food poisoning and/or alcohol.
    • Fixed several display bugs in the mail interface.
    • Fixed issue where Worn Shortswords would drop on death.
    • Fixed issue where items in bags on the broker didn't count as a single item.
    • Wolfbrushes are now pickable again.
    * Already Live through earlier server patches.
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