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    • Added a Khurite floating arena in the middle of Myrland that uses the old arena rules with a radius that turns everyone grey when going inside.
    • Added a special Arena Bonfire that can be lit using a torch, this will start a smoke pillar that burns for 60 minutes, announcing that someone is at the arena and are looking for a fight.
    • Added version handling for mounts to prevent pre-patch issues in the future.


    • Increased range for magistrate when he turns off guards to make sure all guards gets removed.
    • Placing a merc,guard,sentry,lictor,guild guard or guard on a TC structure will now make the NPC spawn one hour after being placed instead of instantly.
    • All Old (pre-patch) bull horses and lykiators with no mutation will now have their stats capped when loaded.
    • A pet that caps out in breeding will no longer reduce all stats by 1 instead it will reduce stats until it's under the cap.
    • Right click on inventory to send items to a modular building will now auto-stack.
    • Breeding cap increased to 435.
    • HP now decreases the mount breeding cap more aggressively.
    • Tindrem Sewer Bandits no longer uses Bow attacks.
    • All TC Longwalls now have the same HP as the short wall versions of the same type.
    • TC Banks, Inns, Religion House and Libraries HP have been lowered to not be greater than Metal walls HP.
    • TC Gates that have less then 90% hp and are hit by a battering ram operated by 4 people or more will now open the gate for 60 seconds.
    • Invasions that grow strong enough will now move towards cities.


    • Fixed an issue with guards instantly spawning a new guards when one died.
    • Fixed an issue in modular building storage when moving two items on top of each other could cause one to go invisible.
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