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    • Added a new boss, the Toy Maker to Fabernum sewers.
    • Added more ambient sound to Fabernum tower.
    • Added a ton more blood decals to help breakup textures in dungeons.
    • Added a lot more light to the Fabernum sewers
    • Added a function for traps to spawn Ai.
    • Added a new boss, The Sewer King to Farbernum sewers, he will do anything he can to stop you from gather from his gold piles behind his throne!
    • Added more light to the Fabernum tower.
    • Added more fog to the Fabernum sewers.
    • Added a function for traps to add buffs and debuffs.
    • Added new vendors with specific requirements to talk to.
    • Added unique world loot items for Fabernum sewers.
    • Added some new secrets to Fabernum sewers.


    • The White Rabbit foot now stacks like other animal trophies.
    • Breathing Technique now unlocks at 40 Athletics skill instead of 60.
    • Tower shield base weight has been increased.
    • Remade the Gravekeeper fight in Fabernum tower.
    • All spawners in the Fabernum sewers now have patrol way points instead of being static.
    • Turning off bloom will now also turn off light shafts.
    • All ritual circle spells now lasts 60 seconds instead of 20.
    • Improved the entrance to Tindrem Sewers when you enter from the harbor.


    • Fixed issue where a player that got loaded in would play the last animation.
    • AI that isn't able to damage a player will now move away from it's spot.
    • AI that is inside of the same house as a player can now damage the player.
    • Fixed issue with Cooking Tool icons.
    • Fixed issue with darkness telling you that you took damage from poisonous cloud.
    • Fixed issue with Kau and Mana not correctly calculating when entering/leaving the etherworld.
    • Fixed bug that made it so that the last emote you used would play when you changed equipment.
    • Fixed issue with rings sometimes messing up the attribute point calculation when you login to the game.
    • Fixed a very rare node-crash.
    • Fixed some small glitches in Tindrem Sewers.
    • The Bone Collectors key now works with the chest in the room.


    • The Item Keeper NPC will be removed from the game on the 24th of October.
      So from today players have 4 weeks to clear out any items still in his storage.
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