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    • Added option for spawners to be set as "underground" meaning TS or Player Houses will NOT affect their spawn radius, to prevent TC built on top of underground spawns to stop spawning.
    • Added support for AI carrying weapons when idle.


    • Rebuilt and improved the /stuck command. You will now get a hard push in the direction your character is facing to push you out of your stuck location.
    • Improved invasions choosing what city to invade.
    • AI invasions no longer sends the entire force instead it sends a smaller group of attackers in waves.
    • Removed the 10min cool down on the /stuck command.
    • Improved the Sator dungeons fall through on login safety teleport.
    • Placing Control Towers now uses the "pending building" system to avoid placing them on and inside other objects like houses or TS.
    • Fledglings can no longer interact with siege weapons.
    • Tweaked the Sarducaa fighting pit bosses.
    • Tweaked the spawn rate of Bandits in Fabernum dungeon.


    • Fixed issue with pets that stopped following when they took damage.
    • Fixed broken horse bag textures.
    • Fixed broken textures on fractured structures.
    • Fixed broken textures on siege weapons.
    • Fixed a Daub Wall that had collision issues.
    • Fixed a collision issue with some rocks in the abandoned mine.
    • Rings and amulets now have a generic icon in world loot.
    • Fixed one of the entrances into Fabernum sewers that max sized characters could not use.
    • Tweaked the ladder in Fabernum sewers that could give issues for some characters.
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