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    • Added a new Demon Lair location! (This is a hard to get to, and a very dangerous place!)
    • Added support for a new type of world objects that can be destroyed.
    • Added a /loot command that will open the very first loot bag in a very small radius.
    • Added a new type of demon enemy.
    • Added a new minable rock type.
    • Added a new extractable resource.
    • Added a new pickable resource with interesting effects.
    • Added new color variations of Demons.
    • Added some new loot to the new Demons.
    • Added better support for effects that trigger when ai is killed.
    • Added dynamic traps that changes locations randomly.
    • Re-added blunt damage to mounted thrust attacks. (No dismounts still though)


    • Increased Durability on Lances.
    • Slightly increased damage on Lance heads.
    • Tweaked the Lance animations a bit to make it easier to aim with Lances from horses.
    • Some overall world polish.
    • Tweaked the weather a bit to make it less rainy.
    • Underground areas does no longer get impacted by outside world fog.


    • Fixed a typo when placing lumber mills.
    • Fixed up a lot of animation issues with the demons.
    • Fixed missing water stream from Fabernum mountains.
    • Fixed some dynamic lights in the Huergar Cave that did not work correctly.
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