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    • Added a title for killing chickens.
    • Krampos Buccus are now visiting the Tindrem Harbor!
    • Added a Tindrem Slum bank NPC to the Tindrem Harbor.
    • Added a brand new rare item to be found at the Krampos event!


    • Improved the teleportation to the Demon Lair.
    • Optimized magic casting a bit.
    • Max member cap for the highest tier of guild stone up from 400 to 500
    • Updated the look of woodcutting axes.
    • Updated the look of worn short sword.
    • Attacking the Demon Portal Architecture does no longer turn you gray.


    • Fixed spell book not updating page when showing spiritism spells
    • Logging out with a extraction queue will no longer destroy the items.
    • Fixed some hit boxes on mounted players that gave player head and lower body hits when hitting the mount.
    • Fixed an issue where Demorite Pile had slightly too low output on Grinder.
    • Fixed a house decoration carpet that had the wrong texture.
    • Fixed a location where Demon Invigilats loot could not be looted.
    • Fixed some stairs in Gaul Kor that was partially inside the mountain wall.
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