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    • You now get a message when your pet is no longer confused.
    • Added mining ,extraction, skinning and woodcutting skill to new created characters.


    • The Tornado spell now damages buildings and siege equipment.
    • Lowered Tornado spell damage to balance it against doing structure damage.
    • Increased Tornado cast time to balance it against doing structure damage.
    • You can no longer target players dueling inside the Tindrem Arena to prevent interference from players on the outside.
    • You can no longer stand on server-projectiles (Elementalism spell meshes)
    • If you equip a stack of bait when fishing losing the bait will only remove 1 from the stack instead of the entire stack.
    • Updated Sator and Bufonid spear models.


    • Fixed some attacks that Ai were able to spam too often.
    • Fixed clients crashing when healing or corrupting training dummies.
    • Fixed issue where leveling pets would stack friendly attacks.
    • Fixed Firewalls that hit players in houses sending messages that they dealt damage when they shouldn't.
    • Fixed an issue where player stamina could go negative.
    • Default leg-length is now normal legs instead of funny tinny legs. This also fixes the cute tiny floating death steeds.
    • Improved the issue people experience when mounting on node lines (the "You were not able to mount. Please try again." message)
    • Fixed pushing other peoples pets to move them out of the way when blocking entrances.
    • Improved saving of friends for houses and players to avoid friend/co-owner lists getting lost.
    • Fixed issue with server projectiles (Elementalism spell meshes) still showing when a player died.
    • Fixed casting healing spells on targets over node lines that didn't actually heal the target.
    • Optimized logging in characters a little bit.
    • Fixed a node-crash related to protectors.
    • Fixed issue with applying a bandage and crossing a node line not applying the bandage correctly.
    • Fixed an issue were Modular houses with locked doors that had a destroyed module would still teleport out trespassers.
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