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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Vaith, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    On a different note, still sad no armor changes

    @Herius pls. You dont need to overhaul them. but a few sets are just bad, principor is better guard, and heavy armors have trash durability. No reason to not do some slight tweaks.

    And no nerfs to aids stuff.

    and alliance chat should be for anyone, or make 2 channels. Leaders only is less useful, you cant call anyone in alliance come pvp.
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  2. mastercookie123

    mastercookie123 Senior Member

    RPK has only accepted one of those as a "friendly" wardec. the rest were over sieges
  3. Exitus Acta Probat

    Exitus Acta Probat Trial Member

    "Removed a couple of ini-options from the engine."

    What does that ^^^^ mean?

    Could you please explain that to a luddite
  4. mastercookie123

    mastercookie123 Senior Member

    Fun in this game is hardly ever two sided, if after every loss a salty guild could just drop the wardec without fear of it just being forced again it would not last long.
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  5. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Wardecs are not fun because one side uses a wardec guild(A Temporary ALT guild with PvP characters in it) to force a wardec on a REAL guild that lives in a town and has its crafters exposed.

    While the wardeccing guild simply logs in on an scout every now and then to check for quick ganks for their 5 minute entertainment it is just a matter of grief for the reciving 'real' guild who cannot retaliate, Specially now when there is very few guilds living in towns, low level guilds cant retaliate without having to siege.

    Everyone knows this.
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  6. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Changing the ini files could be used as a form of hacking that should no longer be possible.
  7. Mandinga

    Mandinga Junior Member

    Best patch ever would be to wipe server and make the game F2P, and that ladys and gentlemen would be a great game.
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  8. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    its very easy for any pve guilds to avoid wardecs, just drop tag. If they are really salty they can ninja siege your wardec house which prob wont be very guarded. Theres lots of stuff they could've done to balance instead of killing wardecs, saying all of them are just for griefing is pretty dumb
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  9. Exitus Acta Probat

    Exitus Acta Probat Trial Member

    "Added a new custom helmet as loot."

    What do you mean by custom, can we change what it looks like?
  10. Exitus Acta Probat

    Exitus Acta Probat Trial Member

    That would suck, everyone stuck at 60 skill and unable to hold boulders, limited to 1 F2P account logged in per day.

    No thank you.
  11. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    I'm mostly disagreeing because they'd never do it, and could never afford to do it. Mostly. A little too ironic.

    +For the 'ladies & gentlemen'.
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  12. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    Enfolded is the implicit assumption that guilds are only for war & warriors.

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  13. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    You dont even wardec with your real guild, do you?
    You use a wardec guild? -why? Because you dont want the same versus your real guild.

    Sure there is, but its better to remove current system while figuring out how to make the system better.
    I actually liked the wardec system when top-end guilds lived in towns, it was a little bit more balanced.
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  14. Mandinga

    Mandinga Junior Member

    I know they'd never do it yet a new clean chapter for MO could be terribly attractive for everyone, true challenge at least for a few months. LOL a lil ironic? :D
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  15. Herius

    Herius Quality Assurance Lead Staff Member Developer

    It means it is custom made, using custom textures etc.
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  16. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    maybe I dont have a real guild :oops:
    if only SV was actually doing that, they just hope the faction wars will fit in the gap left by wardecs somehwere around 2019 when they finally release it
  17. MolagAmur

    MolagAmur Well-Known Member

    Who gives a damn about wars anyway until they add the alliance system with rewards for actually doing things.
  18. Exitus Acta Probat

    Exitus Acta Probat Trial Member


    • Guilds can now ally with other guilds, you may attack your allies without consequence (it's not a criminal act.)
      Ally names are green and they have an extra icon on their shield to signify that you are allies.
      You ally with another guild by using the guild stone and writing the name of the guild you want to ally with, after the other guild has accepted you will be allied after 30 minutes.
    • Added a new chat channel: Use /a in chat to activate alliance chat, this is a global channel that can be used by anyone in a guild above rank 8 to communicate with members of their allied guilds that are also above rank 8, you can set the color etc on the new alliance chat just like you do with regular chat tabs.
    • Gate keepers now have a new option that lets anyone in the same guild and their allies in.


    You don't even play what the hell do you care what they add.
  19. finegamingconnoisseur

    finegamingconnoisseur Senior Member

    This is the start of many good things to come, I’m sure. Nice patch notes, “I love it”. @Sebastian Persson
    • You can no longer eat bug parts like the Acid Gland etc. <——— But isn’t that part of the fun of the sandbox that is MO? I remember a time when pretty much anything organic could be eaten, even if it did this to us:
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  20. Iconoclasm

    Iconoclasm Senior Member

    Im ok with the devs removing forced wars if they can add legit reasons for groups to leave towns/palisades, maybe factions will help with that.

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