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    • Guilds can now ally with other guilds, you may attack your allies without consequence (it's not a criminal act.)
      Ally names are green and they have an extra icon on their shield to signify that you are allies.
      You ally with another guild by using the guild stone and writing the name of the guild you want to ally with, after the other guild has accepted you will be allied after 30 minutes.
    • Added a new chat channel: Use /a in chat to activate alliance chat, this is a global channel that can be used by anyone in a guild above rank 8 to communicate with members of their allied guilds that are also above rank 8, you can set the color etc on the new alliance chat just like you do with regular chat tabs.
    • Gate keepers now have a new option that lets anyone in the same guild and their allies in.
    • You can now hold use on mounts with bags to open the bags.
    • The Eavesdropper seems to have picked up a new rumor.
    • Added a new custom helmet as loot.


    • Tier 3 Meld price reduced from 250g to 150g.
    • Tier 4 Meld price reduced from 400g to 250g.
    • Tier 5 Meld price reduced from 500g to 400g.
    • Reworked the Tornado movement a bit, it's now more random.
    • Increased reagent cost of Tornado to match other siege spells better.
    • Decreased the leash radius on some City Guards.
    • The wood cost for different type of modular house outsides and insides are now lowered by half.
    • Changed the material on Worn Short sword a bit to give it a less intensive shine.
    • You can no longer eat bug parts like the Acid Gland etc.
    • Chests in modular houses now show the number of items they contain.
    • Attacking modular buildings with pets no longer tell you what guild the building belongs to.
    • Arena gates will now close for players that are hidden-criminal.
    • The forced wars that could be used upon any guild has been removed from the game,
      you can now instead force a war upon any guild who are at war with someone you are allied with.
    • Wars will now start 30 minutes after they have been accepted.


    • Improved Death Knight positioning when fighting other Ai to prevent them from standing inside each other.
    • Fixed issue where you could not consume some juices.
    • Did some overall world polish.
    • Fixed missing Artifact icons.
    • Fixed some training dummies in Morin Khur that could not be hit.
    • Removed a couple of ini-options from the engine.
    • Fixed typo in connections skill description.
    • You can no longer view house signs when dead
    • Did some minor cleanup on the guild stone menus
    • Made the guild-flag updates safer, when you enter a alliance or start a war. It does however take a couple of seconds before this updates.
    • Improved the updating of items added to the inventory window, this will fix issues where for example items moved from a horse bag to your inventory while having another UI open did not recognize the items correctly.
    • Animated pets (walkers,zombies,skeletons) will no longer aggro fledglings.
    • Fixed a glitch when you placed decorations way to fast without the system finding a good spot.
    • House tax manager UI now correctly close when you move away.
    • If the owner of a pets dies in a duel his/her pets will stop attacking and clear all aggro.
    • Fixed an issue where you could turn grey from healing your pet the moment it died.
    • Fixed an issue where some players could not trade items even if they had free slots in their inventory.
    • Fixed issue with /loot command not working correctly in some situations.
    • Fixed the /pet <index> bag command.
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