Patch Notes 11/15/2012

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    Notes marked with * have been added after the initial post.

    • Fixed issues some mobs had when roaming.
    • Fixed a glitch where pets with 1000 hunger wouldn't have their hunger reduced when eating.
    • Added more checks to items being sold to vendors to make sure they can be sold.
    • Lock pick category added to the trade brokers.
    • Bound items can no longer be sold at the broker.
    • Bound items can no longer be mailed.
    • Fixed the following of AI to avoid having them constantly move backwards or sideways when attacking you. *
    • Fixed a couple of issues that pets that got abandoned or lost due to loyalty.*
    • Each time a player tells it's pets to attack this will add more aggro to the pets vs that player. Note that each attack command removes loyalty.*
    • Pets should no longer lose HP when dismounted/picked out of stables etc.*
    • Re balanced some creatures in the world.*
    • Added support for 2D speed blends, pretty much making it so that AI won't run their walk/run animation REALLY fast when falling.
    • Added a new type of volume that will fade out ambient light and turn of weather particles, this will be used in underground dungeons.
    • Increased the server-sided arch for perfect blocks.
    • Increased the server-sided arch for blocks.
    • Support petitions now require a description.
    • Fixed general lighting issues in Tindrem.
    • Fixed an issue causing excessive darkness in certain weather conditions.
    • Fixed a bug with character and creature lighting in subterranean areas.
    • Fixed a couple of item issues where items that couldn't be moved to chests.
    • Fixed stair issues in the Temple Dungeon
    • Fixed an issue where collision wouldn't correctly reset when un-mounting or coming back to life from being dead.
    • Bound items can no longer be put in chest, stolen or be put in bridges.
    • Pickables have been reworked and re-added into the game.
    • Donation capes should now correctly show up on the reward page.
    • Capes no longer have any weight.
    • Fixed a couple of issues with items being bound when they shouldn't
    • Campfires are now allowed to be placed inside guard zones
    • When you start reading books the skill-checks now checks skill-levels WITH attribute bonuses rather than before, when they used only skill level without attribute bonus.
    • Fixed an issue where lock picks acted strangely when a chest was lock picked.
    • Added a better lockpicking-range check.*
    • Skinning Knife skill has been moved under Wilderness so it no longer costs any primary points.
    • Reduced the extraction timer of skinning
    • Reduced the Operation skill dependence on skinning.*
    • Fishing can no longer be spammed to gain fishing skill.*
    • Reduced the max XP on fishing skill.*
    • Added a cooldown for fishing.*
    Territory Control
    • Not enough prominence message now correctly sent when failing to add people to the blacklist.*
    • The "is connected to keep" in the tower UI should now work a lot better.*
    • Updates on towers will now much quicker take effect.*
    • Only guild-members can now repair towers.
    • AOE of cities should now override blacklists of towers, unless the blacklist guild controls the city.
    • Only towers that collect tax can now blacklist players. If you collect 0 taxes, your towers will NOT blacklist. If you collect at least 1% every tower connected to your keep will blacklist.
    • Adding to blacklist now correctly takes PP.
    • Blacklist UI will now update itself instantly instead of waiting for the blacklists to be saved.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't reduce the amount of invested points in a tower/keep without having something else take the points.
    • Fixed issue where the title you selected would select the title above it causing all kinds of confusion.
    • Fixed an issue where people could see titles they shouldn't be able to see.
    • Cleaned up some general issues with titles and the title UI.
    • Fixed an issue where keep-TC-stats would show the stats of the last tower you* looked at instead of the stats of the keep.*
    • Round-info on tc-towers should now correctly work.*
    • Coin on delivery amount no longer shown when no CoD is required.*
    • You can no longer begin dragging an item with a right click.*
    • Fixed most common issue causing hotbar buttons not to appear on login right away.*
    • You can now clear keys in keybinding.*
    • Fixed some cases of mouse mode not toggling automatically.*
    • Vendors will now accept items for sale when right-clicking.*
    Weapons and Balance
    • Further tweaked handle hits, overlapping head piece over handles.
    • Tweaked minor damage differences on some blunt weapons.
    • Tweaked a couple of tracing numbers for spear-thrust.
    Player Character
    • Max stamina is increased by 20%.
    • Increased combat-walk speed by 10%.
    • Added a simple IK to players.*
    • Made player collisions 5% smaller.*
    • Perfect blocking a strike from a human opponent but not being rotated in the correct direction will now count as a block (NOT a perfect block).
    • Rebuilt how knockdown works to avoid mobs/players, to put other clients in infinite stun-mode.
    • Players and creatures in the Gaul'Kor Dungeon will no longer appear black.
    • Fixed holes in the Gaul'Kor Dungeon walls.
    • Exiting a dungeon should now always restore lighting properly.
    • The colored forest returns!
    • Added more checks to the creation of weapons. Hopefully this should remove the long-lived shield-crash.*

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