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Discussion in 'Price Check' started by SturaCessi, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

    hello i'd like to know the value of following things in tindrem:
    reptile carapace
    guard fur
    megnaton brain of varoious types
    megnaton swords
    ironsilk skill book
    triple strike skill book
    thanks all for answers
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  2. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

  3. Speznat

    Speznat Honored Member

    molarium 35-45
    ironbone 15-20
    guard fur 35-45
    magnaton brain vendor npc tindrme plaza, or trade it for books.
    magnaton sqord 7-10
    ironsilk 500-600
    triple strike not really sure but i guess 120

    dont really sure about them but its an acceptable range i guess :)
  4. jhackman

    jhackman Senior Member

    Mol 50-60
    Ib 20
    Gf 50-60
    Not sure about the rest
    Think its just better to collect what incisium you need and vendor the rest.

    Ill buy what ever mol you have for 60 a stack.
  5. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

    thanks all for the answer . by the way, what is incisium price?
  6. aguimaraes

    aguimaraes Member

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  7. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Well-Known Member

    Vendor price +10 golds
  8. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

    Can someone tell me prices For calsparand sea dew?
  9. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Well-Known Member

    Sea dew stack is like 30g
    Calspar is like 20-35g
  10. Maxanon

    Maxanon New Member

    Tripple strike book is 200-300g
  11. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

    thanks all for answers
  12. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

    Anyone knows prices For horned and keeled scales? Thanks
  13. Deadheretic

    Deadheretic Well-Known Member

    Vendor price +10 golds.
  14. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

  15. Midkemma

    Midkemma Well-Known Member

    Keeled = vendor for 8g (I think), might try to get a sale for 15g (cheap grind up material) but I would just vendor it to save hassle.
    Horned = 25-40g depending on the scarcity at the current time.
  16. SturaCessi

    SturaCessi Trial Member

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