Population Distribution?

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Dredsol, May 2, 2018.

  1. Dredsol

    Dredsol Member

    Hello friends,

    I have been away for a year or so and was curious as to which cities aside from Tindrem have even a luke warm market or pulse.

    And yes yes I know, Mortal is kill and the only places that have population are farming pallisades. But aside from that, How are Bakti, Duli, MK doing?
  2. GhettoFish

    GhettoFish New Member

    Fab has some people passing through, not really much on broker.
    Bakti has some people, at least on NA times.
    Meduli is probably same as Bakti.

    MK is empty, RPK owns it and feels far away. Dont think many start there and make it their home.
  3. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

  4. InfernalPaladin

    InfernalPaladin Trial Member

    There's usually a couple of people in Beth Jedda but they're likely just transients out farming before heading back to Myrland
  5. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Bakti isnt totally dead but isnt really booming now that the pvp moved up north. But if you arnt guilded you can still live there and theres crafters and stuff that play.
  6. mastercookie123

    mastercookie123 Senior Member

    Moh ki is a sprawling communist utopia now that the guards have been turned off, i literially have to kill my way out to get past all the new players.
  7. Kogah

    Kogah Honored Member

    Vadda is in the process of spring cleaning.
  8. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    It's summer already. Get a wiggle on.
  9. Frampton

    Frampton New Member

    I don't have an answer for you but omg are you coming back?! The return of boo?!

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