Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by Sivith, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Sivith

    Sivith Trial Member

    How is the population? I'm thinking about resubbing for awakening but kind pointless if no one is around.
  2. Yakazi

    Yakazi Member

    It has grown, more veterans are coming back but some are waiting for some hotfixes and not 24/7 playing and the factor of Guild Wars 2 as well a little bit
  3. Diphling

    Diphling The Desperado

    Many people are hopping in game and realizing how unplayable it is because of bugs and balance. They do a 360 and walk away moonwalk style.
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  4. Mycke

    Mycke Well-Known Member

    Its pretty dead atm...

    I think a lot of people 'want' to play but in the current state there is not much one can do without risking loss do to bugs.

    I'd give it another week or two...
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  5. MeduliMadness

    MeduliMadness New Member

    The games not as buggy as what people above me are saying. There's a healthy population. I'd say it's a bit more than before the expansion.
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  6. Genadi

    Genadi Junior Member

    The game is actually far buggier, above are only around 10% of all the bugs currently. I think your definition of healthy population needs evaluating my friend.
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  7. HSDrac011

    HSDrac011 Senior Member

    patches have slowed down as well, which isnt a good thing at all, though i did notice some unpatched hotfix's already, at least for the UI
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  8. Sienidieni

    Sienidieni Junior Member

    Ye its pretty dead ingame we will see if the fixes will change things....
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  9. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

    one of the worst lunch ever, i would say worse than dawn!
    yes the server might be more stable i was amazed its been up for like 1-2 days straight. However the bugs that are in game are alot more gamebreaking and anyoying than Dawn.
    honestly 8 months for this? we all knew there will be bugs it wont run smooth right away. but i dont think anyone expected this. specialy from all the hype post we got.
    prediction is fixed, this is fixed, that is fixed. really? i say BULLSHIT!
    prediction is NOT FIXED it got worse!
    its really disapointed what SV and the focus group did. i cant see any improvements. all the things that was told in the focus group reports where lies.
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  10. Darran

    Darran Well-Known Member

    Population rose when awakening released, and now its back to half-dead. Seems most people lost interest becouse of bugs, and/or they are waiting for SV to make the game working again.
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  11. xyncron

    xyncron Trial Member

    Tried mortal online again after awakening. Nothing works, ragequit -> GW2
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  12. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    That's a bit unfair - we were pretty clear about launching with a lot of bugs, including those that they had found but we'd not fixed. We'll patch again (today most likely) and keep doing it until we're happy. So (and I have said this many times) please hang in there whilst we squash all the bugs!

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  13. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    Waited extra 4months for this.. not impressed.
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  14. TheSacredOne

    TheSacredOne Senior Member

    ...and in all fairness - the staff is actually doing a great job of helping people that are suffering from named bugs. Go to www.mortal-support.com and in only minutes you'll get help concerning for example lost items. I was actually amazed.
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  15. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

    What did you think of the new dungeons or the unique lootz etc? Do you like all the new mobs? Sorry you're not impressed, have you had chance to explore much? Lots of bug fixing coming soon - things will improve shortly.
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  16. xyncron

    xyncron Trial Member

    I would gladly return if;
    • Items are no longer just disappearing from inventory.
    • Vendors keeps offered silver/gold from purchase when the trade goes error or failed? (I've lost so much gold from this bug... It's worthless even trying to earn gold right now.
    • Guards from Meduli warp outside town to my location and kill me for no reason.. No idea what might have triggered that. (Got attacked by a belbus and I ran from a player trying to gank me.)
    • Everytime you earn skill XP from a book makes the game freeze for a second.
    • And if you attack mobs, their heads go HEAVY METAL YEAH SPIN THAT SHIT and they sink through the world and disappear... like wtf ?
    • I've COD some people. My items never return.
    There's probably more, but I'm at work right now. Can't spend much time on this post. :)

    Edit: And yeah, the horses are like ponies now.
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  17. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    No I wanted a Dragon and a Dinosaur (T-Rex) I explored all over and cant find nothing and the lotting is meh.. cant ninja loot that quick anymore so I mad. ;) and what is this new dungeon.. teleport me there luv ya.
  18. Azeron

    Azeron Member

    I want the POPULATION to improve! :D
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  19. Theia

    Theia Senior Member

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  20. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    What the fuck man, your post doesn't make any sense at all.
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