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  1. baxis71

    baxis71 Trial Member

    Hello, I can not activate the subscription by using the virtual MasterCard Prepaid . in the card only 16 digit number and date
    but it write that "Your transaction has been denied
    Your transaction has been denied which usually is when your account details do not match your card details. Please go back and make sure all your info is correct. Your first and last name, date of birth, address, zip, state, country etc. - Needs to be a 100% match, otherwise your transaction might be rejected again. "
    Also, I can not use Paypal, because I live in Belarus and is not Paypal service.Help me please!
  2. Mauzi

    Mauzi Status King

    As the error message says, you need to make sure to match your account information with the information on the credit card. Did you verify this ?
  3. baxis71

    baxis71 Trial Member

    a credit card is not present any information, only 16 digit number and expiration date
    there is no first and last name, date of birth, address, zip
  4. Aloh

    Aloh New Member

    Baxis, i got the same mistake with a dual account, 1 is sub with Visa + details OK and my second one wtih exact same Infos won't accept payment at all.

    I tried to change details to Maj / Min but don't fix. SV answered me IG and via a Ticket : Use paypal .....

    Ah yes it worked 2 times with exact same details .... Discord is the only one who can help but it's not on his to do list.
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  5. baxis71

    baxis71 Trial Member

    I live in Belarus and is not Paypal service
  6. Aloh

    Aloh New Member

    Oh, so hope for a donation on "Pay services" or maybee they'll help us to give them money.
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  7. Aloh

    Aloh New Member

    Another thing :


    Mortal Online is also available from Gamersgate and Shattered Crystal.

    Shattered Crystal don't sell MO anymore.
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  8. Jack

    Jack Moderator

    You can also use Desura to purchase, download, and install Mortal now.
    I hope this helps. Also did you say you had a prepaid VISA/Mastercard? If so i am not 100% sure they work because usually the authenticator looks to match the account info with the info that you provide and that isn't possible i believe with prepaid cards.
  9. baxis71

    baxis71 Trial Member

    why no discounts Desura VAT 20% for those living outside the European Union?
  10. Ckrit69

    Ckrit69 New Member

    This worked perfectly for me using Desura and a prepaid Mastercard. So long as the account registration details for the card match those of the MO account there should be no problem [ Address, date of birth, phone etc ].

    Edit: Doh, just remembered. Desura is really easy, you get a code from the Desura window that you then apply to your MO account. Card details wouldn't need to match as there is no direct connection to a Mortal account.

    Hope it works out for you.
  11. baxis71

    baxis71 Trial Member

    is it possible to extend a purchased game? what code do I get paid here(in desura)? where to enter in mortal?
  12. Mauzi

    Mauzi Status King

    What do you mean with "extend" ?
  13. baxis71

    baxis71 Trial Member

    activate subscription
  14. Mauzi

    Mauzi Status King

    Sorry, not using Desura ever in my life - someone else has to answer this.
  15. Ckrit69

    Ckrit69 New Member

    Open Desura. Click on the Desura icon in top left. Beside your profile picture.

    Click History - Purchase History.

    Click View your CD Keys.

    Log in to your Mortal Online account.

    Click MO vouchers [In MO Shop section. Left side of page]

    Copy your CD code from Desura and Paste into "Enter voucher code:"

    Complete (enter string in image).

    Click Continue.
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