Processing ores.

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  1. Rehse

    Rehse Trial Member

    When you're processing gabore and granum what is the best extraction process to get the most bloodstone out of it? I read some of the guides but I didnt see anything about it.
  2. Rimamok

    Rimamok Junior Member

    The Mortal Emulator is an indispensible guide for processing of ores, up to the refining step. Google "Mortal Online Emulator", go to the page and click on Quick Picks on the upper left.

    You'll see that the Attractor nets you the most blood ore, if you use the right catalyst. The crusher gives less blood ore but plenty of amarantum, which sells for 30g per stack (used to make Tungsteel after extracting the Lupium).
  3. Rehse

    Rehse Trial Member

    Thanks for the help, I didnt quite understand how to use the emulator.
  4. Resin

    Resin Well-Known Member

    If you just want money it doesn't hurt to just throw unprocessed ore on trade broker. If your price is reasonable people will buy it up.
  5. Rimamok

    Rimamok Junior Member

    To use the Emulator:

    First pick the material to be processed. Then do a quick visual scan to see what extraction type and catalysts have the best yield (green is good). Now pick the extraction type that seems to give the best overall results (which can depend on your needs). Finally, plug in the catalyst and see what the yield is (default is yield from a stack of 10000 of the source material). Now experiment and compare for various extractor/catalyst types.

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