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  1. Rolufe

    Rolufe Member

    Aslong as we destroy more value then we lose its mostelikely a win and the more Bratwire we hear whining on the forum the more it would seem to be hurting :)
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  2. Phaytal

    Phaytal Senior Member

    PLZ SV both sides of the war agree that game mechanics are aids and need changing. make mortal great again
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  3. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    After the first keep siege, we broke even with ID... After the ID elimination war, we are ahead, even with the losses taken currently, we are still stacks of gold ahead of you, keep working it
  4. Rolufe

    Rolufe Member

    are you calculating in bratwires sieges on "ID stuff"? :D
  5. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    No, talking from the last war and from damage we have taken... Still not close to what we did
  6. MaydayX

    MaydayX Trial Member

    This is a war with ID and your all ID so everything counts. Although i didnt count some of sexys stuff and hero which is another 6-7k gold :]
  7. Bratwire

    Bratwire Trial Member

    tell me how its whining u tard when we are talking about ur failed siege??? i just want everyone to know what a bunch of liars ID girls Alliance is...And all i see now is Pyre fighting ur battles now, Dred is Dead, ID is well we all know ur just a bunch of Pussies sexy, fall ??? really there just Chess peaces we are going to blow up cause u cant protect them....If i was Pyre i would be gone from ur Girls Alliance they owe u nothing
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  8. Rasaki

    Rasaki Member

    The other day Aralis got upset that pyre was killing him more than rpk , sooo you guys are not doing your job right.
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  9. Celdick

    Celdick Trial Member

    Lol i rember playing with Quad and i remember zerging the shit out of dred and fate lol...
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  10. Bratwire

    Bratwire Trial Member

    Well pyre has jam they come for fights and mostly don't hid behind the zerge anymore which is nice. As for Aralis and that ID girls alliance is full of shit
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  11. Mhu

    Mhu Member

    I liked pyre untill they took scumbags from VH. If only that shit didnt happend.
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  12. ThaBadMan

    ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    Sounds credible, Fate got zerged...do you remember how big Fate was ?
    Sure people got zerged when they came to Quad territory trying to farm Quad resources. Thats not the same as zerging people looking for fights at your gates.
    Dont think anyone except 7L at a certain point could claim that.

    If you mean during war times, then well one side always gets zerged during wars. Dred btw was a war target since they tried to occupy GK.
  13. Xbotslayer

    Xbotslayer New Member

    Explain how they were scums I'm interested now to know.
  14. Cykas

    Cykas Member

    Who isn't scums in this game.
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  15. Celdick

    Celdick Trial Member

    Thats exactly the same thing that is happening right now people tries to use the broker in nig area and we see quad guys slaying them ofc we zerg them lol...

    And once i was alone at bank and u guys killed me with 4 ppl isnt that considerd a zerg? 4v1?

    And when we took fate keep down the whole server was behind us soooo... Never seen such a zerg actually but u was not complaining back then..
    And i remember dred just looking for a fight outside top keep and i see all the Quad guys zerging the shit out of them..
    I dont have anything against Quad but ur double standards is just stupid..
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  16. Bordelli

    Bordelli Well-Known Member

  17. Mhu

    Mhu Member

    You should know, you were one of them. Can't explain it because hackusations are ilegal on the forums.
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  18. Xbotslayer

    Xbotslayer New Member

    Please I would love for you to explain :) I mean if you think you have credible information spit it out.
  19. Hayasa

    Hayasa Exalted Member

    What? Nah... I don't believe it, you can't be that bad and do that stuff... Then again I do have that 2v2 and Daniel was bad
  20. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    Sorry man but I don't think "your RPK" exists anymore....which is a shame
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