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    *Not From Awakening*
    Greetings Community!
    I have put together a mini "collage" of quotes and info bits from developers to focus group testers and what they had to say personally about Awakening, Enjoy!

    The Plains and forests really get a fresh breath of life with the new AI, but what really surprised me was how much better cities “feel” when the NPCs walk around and react to things around them"
    Sebastian Persson [Developer]

    "Star Vault has listened, Awakening will be a complete game changer, the prediction system is flawless, You will be greatly challenged with the new AI also allowing Events to be more challenging, A complete weapon re balancing will give the players a variety to choose from to slay their enemies with. Awakening will make Mortal Online!"
    -Grike [Focus Group]

    "I pretty much have a bottom of the barrel PC in my opinion and 64 bit truly gives an elevated experience to the players and it runs as smooth as silk."
    -Kronick [Focus Group]

    "One of my favorite features of awakening is the new trading system. This will really allow our crafting professions to advance past the min / max builds. Being able to buy certain materials and items instead of having to know how to make them will free up skills points that could potentially be used to make the character playable in the world."
    -GM Athanas [Game Master]
    "The user interface is coming along quite nicely. Testers have been playing with the new paperdoll which can give you a nearly full-screen detailed render of your character complete with rotation, panning and zooming. The new interface is going to give the entire game a much more complete, polished and intuitive feel."
    -Paratus [Programmer]

    " The performance increase in Awakening will truly be great for the players"
    -Discord [Lead Game Master]
    For those of you hoping Awakening will turn Mortal into an entirely different game, you will be disappointed, but for the rest of us, who hope Awakening will finally make Mortal the game we have always wanted to play, be excited.
    -Reynik [Focus Group]

    ** Well, there you have it! A few quotes from around the board of each section of our testing and developing groups to make Awakening's release truly special for everyone and Mortal Online. I hope you all enjoyed this read, and hopefully it got you hyped up for Awakening just a little bit more! **
    Thanks for reading, [Admin]Asakuro​
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