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  1. @ns1bl3 New Member


    With so many races, and the combination possible, hard to decide on how to create my character... in mortal online, as this is a skilled game, I can choose to be whatever I want, and even change my mind later on... except that for instance as the races determine the max stats, some races are inefficient on some roles. Sheeva for instance have high dex, and so if I decide later on to have a role which requires strength...

    My first question will be... how have you decided which race you'll choose ?

    If I decide to be an explorer, the ranger kind, going in the wilderness with a sword (or axe) and a bow, what race should I aim? And stats? I have read dex is not useful for bow, I find it strange :)

    If I want to create a crafter, what race is good for that role, and what stats? And does it depend what kind of craft I decide to do? Or it is the same for all crafts?

    So, if you can help me decide how I'll create my character...

    Thanks a lot...
  2. bowlin12 Member

    As of now you have 3ish choices for a fighter/bow user.
    1. Thursar Thursar Khurite Khurite-Best for speed and is the overall used race for good dmg and speed.
    2. Thursar Thursar Khallard Khallard-Best for damage and heavy weaponry, uses the best bows.
    3. Khurite Khurite Khurite Khurite-Best for speed(Could have changed). They're also short yet they don't deal as much dmg as the other 2, but they should be faster.
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  3. @ns1bl3 New Member

    Speed is just the running speed? Is it that useful to select a race just for the running speed? I think if I like the game and subscribe then I'll create two characters, one an archer, the other one perhaps a bow crafter, dunno yet :)
  4. bowlin12 Member

    Running speed. I'm pretty sure Khurite Khurite is the fastest race out there as of now but I'm probably wrong. Speed is a big problem now a days.
  5. bowlin12 Member

    And yes, running speed means a lot when it comes to PVP. It's almost the main thing.
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  6. @ns1bl3 New Member

    And what about crafters? Can we be a good crafter whatever the race we choose?
    This race thing is a mess... with the stats of the race, we cannot create a character just because we like the race, we have to think what we want our character to be before. This is a shame to me because this means, even if this is a skilled based game where we could change our mind and change path, we are not really free to do so. For instance if we create a character with the intent to be a fighter, so we choose a race with a lot of strength and constitution, and later on we change our mind and we want it to be a mage, we are hindered because of the max stat of the race we choose at first :)

    Running in pvp, I guess it depends... if we are a mounted archer, I guess our running speed is not that important, right? As we are usually on our horse...
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  7. Allastar Well-Known Member

    This sums it up nicely...
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  8. superflypony Member

    Running speed is problem in MO-if you run faster, you can run from battlefield with low hp, kill enemy who try run from battlefield, play mage-hit all with fireballs and run from them. In that game all run from battle if death is close.
    For crafters use gnomes-first race, max int.
  9. superflypony Member

    What build for 4xKhruite is need for max fast? Age, size, stats?
  10. @ns1bl3 New Member

    We can as well play the game and not caring about pvp a lot, except to avoid it, isn't it? I mean, we do not have to play an agressive character. I have read in the roleplay lore section someone playing a Veela in a pacifist way, the kind of character hunting in the jungle, resting near campfires, and helping people in need, healing them, and so on...
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  11. bowlin12 Member

    You can be any race you feel like, the only thing that is stopping you is optimization. If you want to be a veela or what have you, you will be gimped in some ways. It's not that you won't be able to defen yourself from players it's just that if you make a character for pvp those are the choices for you. Being a race for roleplay has it's downfalls but it doesnt make you completely useless. A good example is rhodri who is a tindremereX4 (pretty sure) and can wear full steel and uses a sword a shield around towns. He doesn't participate in pvp often beside reds at gz but he still can defend himself. If you're looking to eventually pvp be a thursar khurite.
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  12. @ns1bl3 New Member

    Ok. And can you confirm for crafting there's no real drawback about any race? That I can be a master crafter as good as crafting something like any race?
  13. superflypony Member

    You need max int. Like 110. Gnomes best for that. That all. First race from 4.
  14. @ns1bl3 New Member

    INT has an effect on the resulting potion? Or just on how fast we learn skills? If it is just a matter on how fast we learn skills, in the end we can be as good a crafter with low INT, just that it takes more time.

    on the other hand, if it has a direct effect on the resulting product...
  15. superflypony Member

    For alchemy you need max int+psy how i think. You can watch that in skill window.
    And 110 int give 11 free skillpoint to you for all crafters skills. So with high int you can learn more skills. That first. With high int you read books very very fast. And thief can't steal from you without catch-with high int you always know if someone try snoop or steal from you.
  16. @ns1bl3 New Member

    Ok. Are there races with good int and dex as well? I mean, to run away from murderer while we gather herbs in the wilderness, dex can be useful, isn't it?

    you mean skill window in character creation screen? I'm not at home I'll check later. Why psy?
  17. superflypony Member

    Crafters all slow in run. And always die in real pvp. You can buy super horse and ride on horse-and no one catch you.

    Huergar-huergar will be nice. 90 psy/110 int. just don't remember, but psy was have matter on alcemy. Check that in game
  18. Kha-Ri Honored Member

    Attributes do not affect anything crafted. It only adds bonus points to the skills.
    Intelligence shortens time for reading books, not sure about skill gain when practicing something.
    Any race can be crafters, any crafter can pvp. The difference is if you take pvp as a serious competition or not.
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  19. @ns1bl3 New Member

    According to what someone said, high int add skill points in craft, and allows to craft higher gear, isn't it?
  20. Kha-Ri Honored Member

    It isn't.

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