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Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by kenvic1, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. kenvic1 Gold Supporter


    anyone know what you need to buy from rare collector, it looks like gold to buy with , but when i buy something and select my gold, its says vendor is not interested in gold coin.
  2. slyy Senior Member

    Yup you can sell him rare goods, like weapons you loot from enemies or pickpocket from a chest, scrolls, gems I think and more! You can see what other people have sold him in the list. Lion shield seems to be the best at 2 gold value.
  3. Mind Trial Member

    last time i checked he dont want my hastas and shields((seems to be bug there, also he offers 10s for fist slash weapon and a little bit more than 1s per scroll (i mean non-rare scrolls)....and he dont take gems
  4. Arton Semeron New Member

    Where is this rare collector?
  5. Mind Trial Member

    Tindrem ;)
  6. kenvic1 Gold Supporter

    it`s in tindrem just before the towers.
  7. ltankhsd Senior Member

    Near the long ramp. He's sort of tucked out of the way.
  8. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Last I checked this guy with many of the chest dropped goods, and other rare appearing items I'd found, he didn't want any of it. So dunno
  9. ltankhsd Senior Member

    I was happy that I could sell my worn claymores to him for 80s a piece.
  10. Incarnadine Honored Member

    o_O does he still have his key there he sells? Any confirmed target for that?
  11. ltankhsd Senior Member

    Yes there was a key which I didn't realize I had to trade items for since I was going to buy it with the money from selling items. The description of the key matches a chest near meduli and perhaps other locations too.
  12. Incarnadine Honored Member

    I'd imagine someone would of tested it by now, but... everyone is stingy bastards XD so no one is gonna share I bet...

    (this is where someone gets prideful about me calling them stingy and proves me wrong... hint hint)
  13. zormouz Junior Member

    I've opened the chest 3 times, so far I've gotten 4 topaz, some silvers coins, a ritual scroll (gives the right of ritual), staff construction scroll, and artifact construction scroll.
  14. Incarnadine Honored Member


    It's a waste then -.- Gimp. thanks tho Dial
  15. Mind Trial Member

    hah, that collector bugged as shit, tried to sell my stuff today: some shields he dont like, some takes for 2g; same problem with hastas, but he gives 90s per hasta he likes....some fist slash weaps he takes or 10s, another ones for 40s. I think it depends on client version on time when u got stuff from chests
  16. ltankhsd Senior Member

    I keep seeing people say the word, what is a "Hasta"?
  17. Mind Trial Member

    tindremic hasta, spear-like weapon from tindremic chests
  18. Gopsje Gold Supporter

    Has nothing to do with the collector per say... nor is he bugged as shit... problem is the pre-patch and after patch items. He doesn't seem to like pre-patch items. Make a GM ticket and ask for an exchange.
  19. Mind Trial Member

    ^thats what i meant
    gm told wait for patch, devs work on it
  20. Alkur New Member

    So these currencies he accepts are only from lock picked chests?

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