Rare Collector

Discussion in 'Commoners Questions & Answers' started by Marklaar, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Marklaar New Member

    Hellow everyone, what i need to give to rare collector?! i wanna get Taming and advanced creature control
  2. Dsn Honored Member

  3. Marklaar New Member

  4. Marklaar New Member

    So ok Rare Collector takes only Stuff like Fists weopon or Lion shiled, i wounder to ask For what need a strange key?!
  5. Dsn Honored Member

    srtange chest OC that is a chest that cant be picked.
  6. Marklaar New Member

    Where i can find it?!
  7. Dsn Honored Member

  8. Marklaar New Member

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