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Discussion in 'Guild & Player Politics and Discussion' started by LuciusHanno, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. featherz Senior Member

    Fighting 3 times a day ain't enough let alone 3 times a week give me PeeVeePeeeeeeee.
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  2. Rilman Senior Member

    Prime example of taking things too seriously and not getting a joke. :p
  3. LuciusHanno Senior Member

    Disclaimer: What is written below is my personal opinion, and does not reflect what the SV staff thinks in anyway whatsoever

    As many flaws as this game may have, it still provides a lot of RPG tools for kingdom building. For the old timers that were around since beta - there was Oasis, which opened up their keep as a full fledged town for guilds willing to follow their laws; there was Shinzon's Talusian Empire where the entire North was united (for a time) under one political order by rhetoric and maneuvering; there was Prometheus and Wessex who also tried to establish a true civilization (there was even evidence of cultural exchange between the two, with the High Diplomat Nidhogg of Promethea becoming a priest of Soldeus); even AQ tried to add roleplay to their playstyle (there are many religious texts and political declarations to be found on this forum).

    To a certain extent a dimension of the game is the players themselves. We have to care about creating a story that can be left behind for the next generation of players or attempt to make our territory different from the territory of your neighbor. PvP is good, but there is no political or emotional basis for it anymore. There are very few true bloodfeuds and hatreds left. The game needs more priests and kings, and maybe a little less warriors.

    My challenge to those with land claims is to do what the old timers did. Open up your keeps to guilds willing to follow your laws, start up garrisons and armies, start patrolling and escorting caravans. Have the creative people in your alliance write up religious texts, backstories, and delcariations for your people and distribute them accordingly. Host religious events and holidays. Distinguish yourselves from the alliances neighboring you by having a culture.

    This game may not be what we want it to be right now, but we have the tools to do some pretty cool things with it.
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  4. Shlaggy Junior Member

    Oh god, this guy is so full of shit.
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  5. Kamy stifiant Member

    cant say anything more to this, im not fan of BG and story but we need news stuff in this game and some fun goals to go for... Something new and interesting that can unite the community and change a bit from random pvp that happens every once in a year... Look at the few players left in this game.. Were ALL bored to death... And waiting for some changes... But 70percent are in the same alliance and are doing nothing but killing MO
  6. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    But what we cant do is give justice to unjust blue griefers as we are branded murderers for it.

    The last year I tried not to gain murdercounts, but I got half my fighters red by fighting my enemies, why am I not rewarded for my service and rather spit upon cause some little shits found a way to exploit the mechanics and make me a crimminal while all I want is to serve by pvping and killing my enemies, yet I cant do that cause then I am not allowed into towns cause what I did is "murder". Find a way for blues to fight and not be branded murderers and we are alot closer to the enjoyment this game should be.
  7. LuciusHanno Senior Member

    That is probably the reason why 13 opened up Oasis to law abiding guilds, or why some alliances chose to live out of Gaul Kor, Kranesh, and Cave Camp. Yes, the flagging system is flawed, but there are examples of people in the past that didn't use the guard system.
  8. ThaBadMan Exalted Member

    So if I want to be a law abiding citizen of the Tindremic empire I am allowed to kill those that grieves people and doing shit not allowed and still be able to go to the Tindremic controlled cities ?

    Thats in no way a fix to the problem which lies in the fundamentals of the game and has to be corrected, by having a option to live out of a useless keep or a town not in accordance of the law is just idiocy to state go live there if u want to play the game its intended.

    Oh and I also want to be able to kill every halfbreed I see but to do that I will be branded a murderer and not like the lore states be in the right with that decision.
    Making placeholders destroys games not improves them.

    A keep is worth nothing especially since it can be ninja taken down, living out of a rats nest is also not a sollution for a civilized full blood khurite. Thats called exile.
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  9. MermanMaymo Senior Member

    I suggested it a long time ago, if you hit someone you go grey and if you hit a grey person you go grey too. So that murdering is only killing blue ppl who arnt even fighting.
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  10. Angarato Well-Known Member

    if you go grey for fighting back its also flawed :/. lets say someone breaks into your house and tries to kill you, and you hit him while trying to defend yourself but still get killed, how is that not still murder?

    I get what you're trying to say and GZ warriors etc but it would just be a band aid fix of a bad mechanic
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  11. MermanMaymo Senior Member

    This is a game and not real life. The suggestion i made is the exact flagging system as in Lineage 2 and it works well.
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  12. Angarato Well-Known Member

    well since my playstyle is red I don't mind either way, but I guess that system would indeed work better than the current 1.
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  13. MermanMaymo Senior Member

    Well since you havnt played for over a year i guess no one really minds.
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  14. Angarato Well-Known Member

    yea nobody minds that the veterans that stayed through ALOT of the bullshit finnally decided to quit til lthe game got better and still aren't back. OH WAIT.

    Don't care if you hate me personally but having a low population sucks ass.
  15. MermanMaymo Senior Member

    Except when you were playing the game was probably better than it is now.
  16. Angarato Well-Known Member

    that makes me sad in the pants :( I was hoping it would get better, slowly but at least progressing.
  17. MermanMaymo Senior Member

    Its progressing in the most inbred retarded way.
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  18. Angarato Well-Known Member

    like christianity
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