Records and Notable Accounts of Fabernum

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    As I understand it, the guards have a line of sight and radius in which they will respond. Unless the attack happened right in front of them within a cone of vision and distance, they'll just walk past as if nothing happened. I've seen reds sneak by guards this way.
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    Welcome fellow Mortals!! If Veteran Player, (Current, Returning or New Player to Mortal Online game), I would like to extend an invitation to join in the Community Of Fabernum (COF). Role Play your way building your home, craft as a settler, protecting it and your wares you sell on the towns broker. Join one of the many guilds loyal to its exsistance and immediate surroundings. Take your chances with huge open world FULL LOOT PVP!!! Take part in the community fighting for your realm in territory control. Participate in mid level pvp battles defending Fabernum from lords of different regions. Strategize as a member of one of Fabernum's many guilds roaming and patrolling the vast continents of Nave! More to follow!

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    The APC has recently conducted an initial sweep of the land surrounding Fabernum, more patrols are planned for the future. Certain sections along the mountainside of the western approach to the town are considered at your own risk, as mercenary mages positioned on keep walls appear to be attacking passing travellers on the one side, with dangerous mountain spiders on the other.

    I am pleased to inform all settlers and wayfarers that the initial sweep was a success. Should any in the Community of Fabernum require escort protection, security sweeps or simply additional manpower to act as guard forces, the APC will assist where it can. In return, we kindly request a standard rate of one gold coin per destination travelled to help cover our independent citizen-militia who risk their lives for the good of others.
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    Thank you Fine, APC leaders and members. Our debt and gratitude to you for your efforts in keeping Nave safe and Fabernum for settlers during this time. I would like to open an invitation to operate from our Hall in Fabernum if the need ever arises. Thank you!
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