Records and Notable Accounts of Fabernum

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    OH shoot sorry XD
    Haven't played with either of you since... The Black Hand Order?

    I'm glad to see some cool people are still playing in this genre (I say genre because any game in it has the same exact players hopping between)

    And here I am, stalking the forums because I can't find any skill based games with good team-fights and Darkfall RoA flopped. Good luck, have fun filling The Archivist's shoes.
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    Well met friend! I must insist that you think about joining us for more adventures. With the remake of Fabernum there is consistent PVP in her depths along with the quest for glory!
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    Fabernum... How magnificently you withstood the passing of time! Always holding your historic ground through the ages of Nave, through past trials and tribulations of troublesome times... Through all the herotic and bigotry of what has come from false idols and profits. Through extreme continental shifts of conquests with huge wars... and yet you stand unvarnished!

    As recent as a relic drops a meteor causing the earth to shake the dust from your walls; so to does new/old life breathe once again through your halls along with the ringing of many hammers.

    Let it be known to all that Fabernum, the original ancient halls of veteran warriors is back and awaiting to chisel and scribe in it's walls the next champions of the hall!
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