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    It has come to our attention that there has been an increase in accounts being traded, shared or sold recently. Because of this there have been a number of cases of account theft occurring.

    Due to this and various other reasons, the following will be put in place.

    • Accounts changing ownership will be monitored more closely.
    • Any account found to have been sold will be automatically terminated.
    • Both the buyer AND seller of the account will be banned from Mortal Online.
    Accounts and everything contained within them are the sole property of Star Vault, as per the EULA. They are not to be sold or traded under any circumstance. This policy will affect accounts traded or sold going forward from the time of this announcement.

    We must also urge players to NOT share their account credentials, even with trusted friends. Far too many times we have had to close an account which came under ownership dispute due to it being hijacked after being shared with someone the user trusted. We do not like having to tell players their account is gone due to them trusting unwisely. We urge you not to put yourself in this position.
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