Repairing weapons is possible?

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  1. P0W3RK1D

    P0W3RK1D Member

    is repairing damaged or worn down weapons possible?
    if so then how?
    if not then it probly should be, from player or NPC.....
  2. Valhalo

    Valhalo Member

    Weapons in this game cannot be repaired, you can enhance there durability once with a weapon enhancement. They also should not be repairable, weapons in this game are extremely cheap but break quickly, that's just the way weapons in this game work.
  3. Schönfeld

    Schönfeld Member

    You can repair nothing
  4. Xunila

    Xunila Cronite Supporter

    Even if a repairing skill would come into the game, you would need a armor or weapon crafter with full lore and same lore as the original crafter to repair.
  5. Keurk

    Keurk Honored Member

    the real reason why there is no repair /smelting system or things like that is because how the dynamic system works. Once you craft a weapon there is no way for the system to tell "there is X ammount of steel , X ammount of this wood ,etc" . From here there is no way to properly balance a repair system, because the system don't even know it is steel + spongewood handle for example.
    unless they add a way to track items in the db once they are crafted, or unless they implement one of the good suggestions made by players about how a scavenging/repair/smelting system can work, we ll not see evolution on this.
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