Saaliha's Return

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Do I make RP food or boring minmax food?

  1. RP Food!

  2. I hate variety, keep giving me that disgusting minmax food because MO is a PvP game, nothing else.

  1. Espinite

    Espinite New Member

    Saaliha's Return

    After cycles of absence, I have again returned to the streets of Tindrem. My time spent beyond the walls has left me with a new spark of hope for my future career as a chef, and after sampling all the meals across the lands I feel as though I am prepared to start sharing my expanded palette with the people of Myrland's Tindremic Capital. Trying many foodstuffs has helped me to learn of all the things that this land can produce, and I am looking forward to learning, and possibly creating additional recipes as I continue on my journey to conquer the cookeries of Nave. If you happen to come across this note, and would like to contact me with requests, or suggestions as to meals that I could provide, then feel free to contact me.

    Pray be well, and be well to others.

    Saaliha Caliii
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  2. Cheek

    Cheek Junior Member

    Voted for the second option purely because bias wording hahahahahaha

    Edit: however I you can find a way to make a reasonably well nourishing pie with players heads baked into them so that it showes up something like "delicious spelt pie with covalo and Stormchops head" as the text then I will buy all of that shit
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  3. InfernalPaladin

    InfernalPaladin Trial Member

    Sounds like you're volunteering some heads in the pursuit of knowledge there Storm!

    I'm glad my incessant build theorycrafting has got you bitten with the MO bug again Saaliha, it's good to see you back from your absence.
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  4. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    please put screenshots with all your nice food creations. I would like know more about food and vine in myrland.
  5. Najwalaylah

    Najwalaylah Goodwill Embassador

    One of Lorena's 'Suspiciously Delicious' [TM] Trade Secrets:


    Give a custom name to your good foods.

    RatOnnaStick sometimes is just Ambrosial Grilled Springbok.
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  6. Outsane

    Outsane Member

    1 sustenance please!

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