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Discussion in 'Launcher Bugs & Game Crashing' started by larryted, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. larryted

    larryted Cuprum Supporter

    I get thrown to char selection frequently now when i try to get to myrland from sarducca.
    Sometimes i spawn in MK starting area or Tindrem starting area.

    Edit: Crossed the Bridge(ghost and horse) a few times to get to Sarducca and fell through the bridge. I even died once after falling.
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  2. Arinn@

    [email protected] Junior Member

    Yeah it's been a constant glitch, I've spawned inside GK on one occasion and Meduli as well, also if you cross the bridge from myrland to sard you often get teleported to Belrim like 100 feet in the air and take a ton of fall damage.
  3. Nefan

    Nefan Well-Known Member

    I've also ended up in GK when I get a DC on the Bridge, as well as the other bugs.
  4. Azachiel

    Azachiel New Member

    I also fell through the Bridge two times now.
  5. KC_Jedi

    KC_Jedi New Member

    Last time I crossed on a mount, I ended up under the bridge when I zoned to Sarducca.
  6. shuffel

    shuffel Member

    Everytime i cross the bridge i get killed aswell and i get spawned in a weird location below the whole world.

    Lucky for me i got an automated gm spawning me and moving everything i need at the bridge below.

    I am happy they do this but it shouldent be happening and it needs to be fixed before some poor soul transports shit gets killed and and then resurrected by a gm in the middle of the bridge then gets ganked by a group and loses all his shit to a bug. (Not an actuall bug)

    Also they dont reset your graybar.
  7. KBear

    KBear Member

    On at least two recent occasions upon crossing the bridge I have fallen at the Sarducca end. I aim for the centre of the bridge when crossing but for some reason I end up on one side having fallen and taken damage. It just happened and I took 40 damage along with damage to my horse.
  8. ivancelot

    ivancelot Junior Member

    i respawn in gaul kor, i and my molva was killed by a red, i lost one week of farm and 120 gold, that is a shit.
  9. Deviant_Imp

    Deviant_Imp Junior Member

    The last half a dozen times I've crossed the bridge whilst riding a horse I fall through it onto a small ledge below, knocking me and my horse to half hp. Luckily I can climb back up but it's still a real pain in the ass.
  10. Dread

    Dread Member

    I have same issue of the falling when zoning into sarducca. Seems to be a major issue, don't understand why, maybe has to do with the caching time and update of the client dropping the character active in the world? I mean I run at very high fps it's not like I'm lagging out on loading. Hope this gets some attention, I've also petition this a few times hoping to see this passed on up the chain.

    I could see how this would piss off newer players that aren'tused to random bugs like this losing all their stuff upon traveling for no reason. The GMs have been helpful returning stuff due to this but hopefully this can be solved rather than petitioning when it happens. Thanks for all the work from the development team also for making this game great, from a recent returning beta player. :)
  11. DankusMaximus

    DankusMaximus New Member

    I have had this issue a couple times too but not as frequently.
  12. ivancelot

    ivancelot Junior Member

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