Sarduccan Collection

Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by mberk, Apr 16, 2018 at 9:40 AM.

  1. mberk

    mberk New Member


    This is my Sarduccan Collection so far, have fun :)

    1v1 against Gosu:

    That was day full of pvp:

    Ratzar Queen Fight:


    Zerg Escape:

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  2. mberk

    mberk New Member

    Thats why I love ducca:

    More fights:

    Lucky day:
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  3. Freshnuts

    Freshnuts Trial Member

    fun vids to watch man, thx for posting
  4. SneezeNuts

    SneezeNuts Junior Member

    gonna post 1v1 against King of Sarduccaa?
  5. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    But.....the ego
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  6. mberk

    mberk New Member

    why would I post video of fighting against mc that has max speed horse when I had 430 3rd speed one and has unlimited ping(everyone knows your ping) where I cant see him but he was hitting me :D I dont see ego here but I see some angry ppl :D It was like fighting as mm against ma with shortbow
  7. mberk

    mberk New Member

    you can come with ogh but it must be ma
  8. Falconne

    Falconne Junior Member

    Sounds like excuses lol
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  9. SneezeNuts

    SneezeNuts Junior Member

    You can dodge mcs on max stats as a MA going 398 second if you practice and get your timing down lol

    I told you when we fight in sard u will die and my sandbabies will be protected. I told you this awhile ago.

    I am not just the king of sarducca but its father and daddy has big strong arms.
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  10. Bomexx

    Bomexx Senior Member

    where is sarducaa????
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  11. Apsalar

    Apsalar Senior Member

    North of The Wall
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