Selling custom-made High-end Weapons (TU, TM and cron-cron)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by grasthard, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    Selling all types of weapons (except mauls and sledgehammers) made of Tungsteel, Tindremic Messing or Cronite.

    Handle types include standard spw spw, wood with silk/ironsilk or petrology-derived handles (like wood + flakestone). You decide how you want your weapon and i make it, including custom names.

    Weapons will be made and in MK.
    Prices for the most common weapon types are listed in the image below, and include the crafting service, handle materials etc and free delivery.

    in addition to the weapons listed here (which are the most common ones) i can make other weapon heads or weapons made of Maalite or Steel. Inquire me via pm for those


    cheers ;)
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  2. Husdent

    Husdent Senior Member

    How much for cronite long handle great blade (polesword i mean) ?
  3. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

  4. Husdent

    Husdent Senior Member

    Expensive ... What about 45g ?
  5. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    nope, at that price i'm better selling cronite at 350g per k ;).

    if you buy many i can make them for 50 at most
  6. Manoli

    Manoli Member

    Price on TM double axes?
  7. Fupio

    Fupio Junior Member

    Price check on Tungsteel double axe?
  8. WaterSurfer

    WaterSurfer Member

    Why not make a list of all weapon prices like Ich did in Service Section of Market Place?
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  9. Saimo

    Saimo Senior Member

    Cronite Halberd?
  10. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member



    ye i will do, just i didnt' have time to put at it. i will do a worksheet that can be easily updated with market fluctuations ;)

  11. Fupio

    Fupio Junior Member

    Do you deliver :D?
  12. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    depends how many you take

    pm me and we talk about it ;) cheers
  13. WaterSurfer

    WaterSurfer Member

    Ok, how much for Cronite and Tungsteel spears?
  14. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    i added a quick table with the prices of the most used weapons :D
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  15. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    bump. i'm temporary out of cronite and slash or blunt dmg enhancement

    lots of TU and peircing enhancements though if you want dem spears :D
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  16. Xk3slasherX

    Xk3slasherX Junior Member

    Free bump!
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  17. EnergYY

    EnergYY Well-Known Member

    Could you also add steel weapons ^_^, cmon, it would be great if you did loads of different weapons of many different mats like Ichorious did.
  18. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    well i do, also flake and maalite. but most people can craft those themselves so they dont ask for that much
  19. Notime

    Notime Oghmium Supporter

    Do you count poleswords as greatblades?
  20. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    yes :D
  21. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    bump, i am now re-stocked in metal (including steel and maalite) and i'm taking orders again.

    prices were updated to the fluctuations in the market, but still below the market values of the raw metals (ie i price raw cronite at 425/k).

    now offering FREE DELIVERY to all high-end metal purchases, even if few or one unit.
  22. Rathgar

    Rathgar Well-Known Member

    Fast and reliable trader, pleasure to do business with you! +1
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