Selling premium bullhorse breeding pairs, extremely low inbreeding.

Discussion in 'Selling' started by grasthard, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    I have been out of the breeding scene for a while now. This was because i was working on improving my own breed, to provide the best possible ever horses for Mounted Combat.

    i have now succeeded in producing this breed:

    - Shortest Size! those horses come in the shortest size only, making ponies look like war steads in comparisons (here is a picture of one of these horses at lvl 77 using the meduli bank asreference, right after breeding like a champ

    - all maxed genes, and all different sets to provide the lowest inbreeding chance possible. this includes the removal of the old 5-6 int genes, which were lowering the quality of my previous breeds. also includes the addition of another pre-patch very high weight gene pairing with the more classical 518 weight (at lvl 1), to reduce inbreeding without lowering horse performances. this allowed me to remove my old 411 weight gene which was considerably inferior to the 411 in term of maximum speed. i will post soon speed comparisons for both horse weights at high levels.

    the genes of this breed are now (at lvl 1)

    - str: 888 or 944
    - dex 52 or 54
    - con: 518, 548 or 552
    - psy 40 or 41
    - int 8, 9 or 11
    - speed 60
    - weight 485 or 518

    this new breed is now in breeding, from a starting group of 3 breeding pairs. i will update the thread again when pairs will be available. for the time being all you horse-lovers can entertain yourself with a documentary on horse breeding in MO :D

    i also have 3 leftover breeding pairs from my previous breed. the differences are that the parents of each breeding pair are one very short (as showed before) and one short (ie a bit taller than the very short ones, but still overall short. here is a picture of a short horse at lvl 77, using the meduli bank as comparison

    one parent of each pair also has the 411 weight gene. still those pairs produce high quality horses with very low chances of inbreeding.

    here are the stats of the 3 pairs (at lvl 1, listed male/female):

    str: 888/944
    dex: 52/54
    con: 552/518
    psy: 41/40
    int: 11/9
    speed: 60/60
    size: 247/220
    weight: 518/411

    str: 860/888
    dex: 52/54
    con: 507/518
    psy: 41/40
    int: 11/9
    speed: 60/60
    size: 247/220
    weight: 518/411

    str: 860/944
    dex: 52/54
    con: 507/518
    psy: 41/40
    int: 11/9
    speed: 60/60
    size: 220/247
    weight: 411/518
    the advantages of purchasing these pairs are:
    - lowest inbreeding chance possible, meaning you can maximize the horse production in the 25 breeding attempts. all horses produced will be at max stats.

    - possibility to regenerate your own breeding pairs: if you are lucky and produce offspring with matching stats (or at least most of them), you can then use them to breed more horses keeping low inbreeding chances. feel free to pm me for more detailed info about that.

    Price of each pair is 150g, including:

    - low inbreeding chances guaranteed, or full refund of your money (or free pair replacement)
    - FREE delivery to any place of the world

    all of my customers never complained so far, for more info or for purchasing a breeding pair PM me

    cheers ;)
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  2. DeeZ NUTZ

    DeeZ NUTZ Member

    any 888str from pair one available for sale? perfer female if possible.
  3. Rulant

    Rulant Well-Known Member

    250g for 80% success rate is no go imo. I would pay for 100% chance.
  4. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    well 100% does not exist i'm afraid. there is a base inbreeding chance of 10-15% i believe that cannot be avoided. on top of that you dont want speed to be lower than a certain amount so it will always be the same in both parents.
  5. Gaulkor

    Gaulkor Junior Member

    you have a pm...
  6. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    replied, sorry i forgot to update the thread
  7. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    updated the first post with the stats. price negotiable, PM me
  8. DeeZ NUTZ

    DeeZ NUTZ Member

    i had a question posted in ur thread, dunno if ur ignoring it or what. but no response yet. could at least say i dont sell singles if u dont. just to be informed of if u can or not would be nice. :eek:
  9. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    ah sorry, i just didnt understand exactly what you wanted :D

    are you looking for a single horse to match your own for breeding?
  10. DeeZ NUTZ

    DeeZ NUTZ Member

    yes a single horse. i liked ur stats of the 888 str horse. would like to know if a single horse would be available. since i breed myself and these stats vary quite a bit from my breed right now :)
  11. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    You used a jungle? with a bull horse?
  12. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    sorry deez, i didnt get the alert from your reply :(

    pm me the stats of one of your breeder and i'll try to find (or make) a horse matching yours.

    cheers ;)
  13. simo

    simo Trial Member

    Lvl 1 Nice! That just became so much more important didn't it.
  14. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    after some calculations this pair (and eventual future ones) are re-priced at 250g
  15. NineOneSix

    NineOneSix Senior Member

    You might want to remove the part about replacing parents that died ;)
  16. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    haha ye, i forgot it in. now they are immortal :D
  17. ird

    ird Silver Supporter

    are they max stat?
  18. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    as max as it can get :D
  19. Karazhan

    Karazhan Gold Supporter

    Price is nice , but sadly the horses are kinda crap. most of the stats and far from cap. but maybe they nerfed them to the ground while ive been away.
  20. grasthard

    grasthard Honored Member

    actually the stats are between the highest you could find (some max by lvl 50). did you noticed the horses are lvl 1? the price on the other hand is a bit higher compared to other breeding pairs for a series of reason, that are explained in the first post.

    maybe start playing again before sentencing ;)

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