Sequel to Mortal Online revealed!

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by Toby, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    E3 is for casuals, this is a hardcore kitten game.
    Would most likely do better at a cat-show.

    This issue was obviously not that E3 cost a complete shit-ton of money.
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  2. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Hey, gotta spend money to make money, go on stage and introduce the game, do some real cringey shit and go viral
  3. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    Fail at a couple of high-fives, have awkward dance battles, could get some twitch players (you?) to play it and say lines CLEARLY from a manuscript. profit.
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  4. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Yes, as you walk out on stage with your MO t-shirt you start off with "You may know me from Mortal online"
    And look expectantly upon the crowd waiting for a applause that never comes.

    Free MO advertisement!
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  5. Sebastian Persson

    Sebastian Persson Lead Programmer Staff Member Developer

    "Hey please, stop, please no, thank you, thank you, thanks, you guys.." all while no one is applauding.
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  6. Tizio

    Tizio Focus Group

    Ah ok... I own vive, would be cool... OMG wait what the hell? hahah No one expected this! A kitten game from star vault? hahaha!
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  7. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    Maybe Henrik is in the crowd applauding frantically and they zoom in on him (Also wearing the MO t-shirt)
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  8. Tizio

    Tizio Focus Group

    Nope nope. Worst experience ever. I had something similar and I was like "This is vr? this is crap".

    Then I tried vive and bought it after one day. Vive is... wow, the millimetric precision of your hand is awseome, you can walk in your room and feel another world. It's impossible to describe.
    I think vr is not selling a lot because it's impossible to advertise it. You have to try it for understand what it's going on.
  9. gotcher

    gotcher Exalted Member

    I wish sixense didn't fail as miserably as they did. Their controllers are so much better than vive's.
  10. Xhodan Xeus

    Xhodan Xeus Honored Member

  11. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Do the player need animal care, and beast mastery?
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  12. MaDeuce

    MaDeuce Member

    I was refering that it would be for my daughter as a phone app. She is a little cat lover who plays phone app games all day long. She loves fruit ninja! It seems thats not the target now isnt it? But it could be one door.
  13. Valkyria

    Valkyria Senior Member

    I lose faith in this business with each passing day, but I guess that's why I still check up on them. They just survive and nobody knows how they do it.
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  14. Kha-Ri

    Kha-Ri Honored Member

    Holy shit, not only is the site secure (unlike mo), it even made me auto watch all their youtube videos to get more views, i thought my net went mia for a bit there.
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  15. grendel

    grendel Senior Member

    I am really hyped about this new game.
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  16. grendel

    grendel Senior Member

    Please tell me that there will be a cash shop, where we can buy jewelry, new hairstyles and maybe kitten toys or other cool accessories for the kittens. Maybe even house decorations like different lamps or wallpapers.

    This could be the moneytree that will get us more labourers for the MO development.
  17. MolagAmur

    MolagAmur Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are starting to realize surviving off 200 players just isn't good enough.
  18. Hodo

    Hodo Well-Known Member

  19. davor242

    davor242 Gold Supporter

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  20. princereaper

    princereaper Exalted Member

    Cat Mounts incoming!

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