(Shaking off the op rust) Hybrid -> Tindremic wardec Pvp video :3!

Discussion in 'Mortal Online Media' started by HornyFurry, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    !-<Some fight we had this morning>-!

    Note: Very rusty from all the shiietty disgusting macro online i have been doing to max up a bloody hybrid and a dexmage at the same time D: while there is nuuuby server crashes at the same time and random disconects so yea... rip me...

    !-<So yes i am back from my macro brake>-!

    6 BigBadWolf still Sucks 9

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  2. Ishmam

    Ishmam Trial Member

    nice wipe :D
  3. Aaronlash

    Aaronlash Junior Member

  4. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    Those smooth 360 no scopes

    I love it when good players join noob guilds in wardecs. I'm not overly great but I may need in on this when my new toon is done :3
  5. BobgevLa

    BobgevLa Senior Member

    i legit cringed at this
  6. Daedrix

    Daedrix Member

    nice 180 parry. Also those guys still play ??
  7. juglerjoker

    juglerjoker Junior Member

    polesword hybrid :)
  8. kidscops

    kidscops Senior Member

    i still wondering 5:30~
    17~19 how can hit like that ?
    i mean 2~3 hit can understandable but over 9 hit almost same dmg how can this possible XD
    5:32~5:34 even pierce handle hit also same dmg with slash handle attack(as guys know it's a CURVE BLADE)
    all dmg are max handle hit dmg GG
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  9. Manamunex

    Manamunex Trial Member

    Those parries are crazy, I think I can never do that even with 0 ping.
  10. Dimandius

    Dimandius Senior Member

  11. Armsoftitan

    Armsoftitan Senior Member

    You're a badass :)
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  12. I noticed that too , it's ... Strange ? To say the least but also confusing . And damn a hybrid with a demon glaive, it's a pretty good idea to dish out extra damage . I had a hybrid with almost the same stats as yours (175 hp , 275 stam , 70 mana, 10% dmg bonus ) but just recently remade it to a warrior because I didn't like the low damage and I already have 2 more effective hybrids .
  13. kidscops

    kidscops Senior Member

    if u have ever used curve blade (steel one) pierce handdle attack not over 10 dmg
  14. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    My build is
    age 30 pure veela 185cm stout
    when maxed out -> 272stam ( no endurance ) 179health 11% damage bonus

    243max speed.

    i had no other weapon to use xD so i used the demon glaive :s otherwise a shitty 24% 2h long greatblade flake pole, i rather use a 100% enchanced demon glaive.
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  15. Daedrix

    Daedrix Member

    how much does it give stam wise? Cus i have characters who dont swim so i might play around with this.
  16. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    290stam with max endurance
  17. Daedrix

    Daedrix Member

    so your missing 18 stam
  18. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    yea for polesword
  19. Aemone

    Aemone Senior Member

    You are wearing heavy armor right?
  20. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    No, i am wearing 9.9kg armor in this video Random pieces i get when i kill nuubs.
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