Snow and Ice.

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  1. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    I want to see snow and ice to be pickable.

    Snow can be used for cooking and making snow water.

    but for ice well..

    Ice can be used for crafting
    Ice swords ice bows.....

    also in different variants.

    Iron Ice
    Steel Ice
    Ethernal Ice

    the weapon made out of it would lose durability if it is in warm regiones but it will be easy to get.
    ice can be found anywhere in the cold regiones but can also be found in any other region of nive if it snows or is winter can be colected like a pickable and can alos be collected like a rock by mining.
    (you can find it inside towns as well)

    Iron Ice can be foud in winter areas and in winter seson in nave... can be collected like a pickable but can alos be collected like a rock by mining.

    Steel Ice can only be found in cold areas and in winter season but not everywhere can only be mined.

    Ethernal Ice can only be found in cold areas in winter time and is hard to get but it does not take durability damage from warm areas.(can be used for making a staff core for cold spells)

    Steel Ice is as sharp as steel.

    also reccomand winter/summer pickables and clear changes to the animals and other during that time.
    best for when you add a new continent but it would be nice to have it now too.

    sorry for my english
    that would be all for now.
  2. Revann1

    Revann1 Member

    i think that the ice weapon suggestion part is quite dumb, wouldnt it just melt if your location reached less that freezing point?
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  3. BasilTeshi

    BasilTeshi Senior Member

    Uhh.. hmm. No.

    Other than snow = water. That is okay.
  4. tl;dr version: maybe add new ore in something like glacier lol?

    but anyways ice is definitely not material for mundane stuff , but maybe for magic stuff
  5. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    yea talking like you are the well of good ideas.

    this is a add to the weather system that we should have in the future.

    i did say it will melt if it is below freezing point in OP you people just dont read.
    that is why it can only be found when it is winter or in cold areas like the north continent.(you can make armor from it but it inst a good one because it melts is see through and is usefull only in areas that you need warm armor but weapons,shields and bows are fine as long as it is winter or you are in a cold area)

    This does not apply to Eternal Ice because it does not melt(it is because it is enchanted with magic of the north Ice.
    this could also be used for making furniture for houses and maybe in the future igloos or Ice houses.

    o yea one more thing ice can be vary sharp.(not for use on armored opponents at least not the normal ice...)
  6. BasilTeshi

    BasilTeshi Senior Member

    Your hands are warmer than freezing point...
  7. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    only if you don't were gloves and the iron ice melts less/ the steel Ice almost does not melt at all even in warm areas and eternal ice does not melt at all.

    and melting of the ice is the intended.... Ice weapons are not permanent weapons(at least the ones that are made of normal ice).

    you could also enchant the ice so that it does not melt but that would cost a bit.

    Ice weapons will be the weapons of choice in North continents and other cold areas because they are cheep and make vary good dmg.
  8. realnaste

    realnaste Honored Member

    Bad idea is bad
    Ice bows? Do you have any idea how a bow works and how ice is structured.
  9. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    sorry wasnt thinking maybe not bows.
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  11. Rockhound

    Rockhound Well-Known Member

    OP did produce a few enjoyable mental images of ice picks breaking under extreme strain
    Other than that, this thread is garbage
  12. Revann1

    Revann1 Member

    lol you didnt. You edited once you saw my post. and i can see that you are very immature getting from the fact you insulted me personally from me disliking your idea.
  13. Dennis131

    Dennis131 Honored Member

    You really thought this through, ''steel ice'' would shatter on impact. Or melt as previously mentioned.
  14. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    the fact that the OP wasn't edited at all eludes you my padawan.
    think, you must.

    also it is natural to have snow and ice in a game that snow melts and that it can be used for cooking , getting water out of it and also in the future if the food goes bad for preservation of food.

    i didnt say it would be a perfect weapon that wold be the master of all i said it can be used as a mat in crafting (and now i say that it can also be vary cheep and good for training crafting skills and cooking if no water is around).(and furniture and maybe houses made from it).
  15. Shh

    Shh Member

    you also failed to notice that "snow water" is a blatant contradiction as snow can't be water, and water can't be snow at the same time. It's either snow, or melted snow (aka water).
  16. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    by snow water i mean water made from snow it is not the same as water you get from river or lake.
  17. Shh

    Shh Member

    H2O by any other name still makes water
  18. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    yea but the things that are in the water make the water.

    water with dirt in it is not the same as water that you made from destination to get pure water(not good for human use).
    water has minerals in it to make it good.

    water(you get it from lakes) ≠ purified water(you get it from clean and fast flowing rivers) ≠ snow water(you get it from snow and maybe ice)
  19. Revann1

    Revann1 Member

    if it lets you sleep at night..
  20. Dsn

    Dsn Honored Member

    same goes to you.

    when you edit something you get a last edit date on it and my post does not have it.
    the only time it dies not have a last edit date on it is in the first 5 min of its creation and your post was 4 hours after my OP.

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