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Discussion in 'Nobleman's Wisdom' started by Blazinasian, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Blazinasian New Member

    I want a build that is high in speed. But with the new updates in speed i don't know if it's still worth it. How would this build go up against the other builds?
    Was thinking about a build like this
  2. Strilan Exalted Member

    dex above 100 is pretty much worthless right now.

    not entirely worthless... just not as helpful as it was previously with fighter / mages, from what i've heard.

    i seriously think you should try the cookie cutter kur/thur build until sv finds a way to either remedy the speed issue, or just enjoy it for the remainder of the game, i guess.

    sorry, bro
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  3. saturn New Member


    23 Age
    200 size
    110 Str
    104 Dex
    116 Con
    72 phy
    76 Int

    idk if u want to go full on str dex and con but if do u wont have phy or int but youll have nice hp and running if u go stout ull run about as fast as a veela but instead of 150ish hp ull have 190ish (this is for the mean time no promises for the future)
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  4. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Any build that focuses on speed and sacrifices at all for it, is sorely gimped currently with the changes made to speed last. Thur/khur is vastly superior to any other option you'll find. So unless you want a mage or such, thur/khur is the route to go
  5. Diphling The Desperado

    Even with a mage, go Thursar Khurite at this point. Until anything is changed, it is BY FAR the most useful race.

    10+5 str
    104-5 dex,
    116+5 con
    72 int
    remainder in psyche
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  6. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Sadly diph is prolly right... Thur/khur took over MO a long time ago
  7. QuadraKhans Trial Member

    The full veela build is useless with the new speed curve. Too bad I had 3 of them ;(

    Just go thursar khurite on every single char you have, but then again, they might fix the speed so you will have to reroll, you never know.

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  8. saturn New Member

    lol dam Diphling! u have found my mage build
    not kidding that is my build atm 195 hp 123 mana 4 thunderlash's oom who needs more been killing people with this guy like hell and a veela mage can only do 4 tunderlashes they need 5 to take me out i only need 4 to take them out

    i mean nexo ill open his things on Chronicles of nave so u can see for ur self
    (yes i know i have a lot of deaths im not the best MO player =D)
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  9. UNlearned Trial Member

    hi dex still has a use if you what to use a weakspot weapon or can thurkurs do that to
  10. Saphirix Senior Member

    Quite dissapointed that the race problems have gone towards the worse. Not like this SV ...
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  11. Incarnadine Honored Member

    What point is weakspot? Within a month or two daggers will be nerfed back into oblivion from all the rage about them
  12. Azue Trial Member

    Note; You easily get 175 - 180 hp with a Stout Alvarin. Not at all 150ish.
  13. Diphling The Desperado

    There is still no reason to role alvarin. You can get 200+ with thursar and you're equally as fast with more stamina.
  14. saturn New Member

    right sorry i was thinking of a lean mage for the + 5 dex and not think of stout for the con
  15. Azue Trial Member

    There are some features that Thursar/Khurite have that can be seen as disdavantage. They are very large, making them more visible and harder to hide. They can't reach very high intelligence, that has a reduce on spell damage, perhaps only a bit above 55, but still significant in some cases.

    EVEN SO - (and this might be over-extending the general idea of this topic, sorry for that)

    Let us assume: There are no game-mechanical reasons to roll anything else than a Thursar/Khurite, if you wish to accomplish in Fighting.

    But the more challenge the greater glory?

    - People do from time to time try to make names in this Community, and that is most exciting. Some use a special weaponary or armor, even though it's less good. Some do fight heavily outnumbered in hopes that they will accomplish great glory by taking on two or even three enemies alone. There are, as facts proove, reasons why people play other "Styles" than what serves as the highest chances for "killing the other in battle".
  16. Azue Trial Member

    Note; Sharks will always be the predator and fish the prey, and with what advantage? Why does Races in Mortal Online neccessary have to have advantages over the other? Could'nt it be OK that some races just sucks? Or, that enourmous Orc Halfbreeds unquestionable, brought up in War, are best suited for Combat?
  17. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Sharks are prey to killer whales. Theres always a bigger fish. Problem in MO, there really isn't. The idea that its alright for other races to suck, is so absurd it's not even funny. If people want to hamstring themselves, let them do it intentionally. Other players want to play the game as it's DESIGNED to be played and then decide to hamstring themselves later. Not cripple themselves because they want to play something other than the thur/khur. As for your comment about them being enormous and unquestionably the best combatants... Pretty sure oghmir are larger and stronger. And it's not as if strength = deciding factor of every fight. Speed can trump strength logically, so there's not a single reason they should completely corner the market race wise.

    I'm not saying EVERY possible build should be completely viable as a fighter, but there should AT LEAST be 3-4 major categories of fighters. Speed, strength, well rounded, and specialty. Instead theres thur khur holding the entire market
  18. Azue Trial Member

    - Not true.

    Thursar / Kallard (Very high Str, Con and Size (dmg bonus) but lower Dex (85)) - LOW INT. (spell dmg)

    Thursar / Khurite (High Str, Con and Size, higher dex than above (around 104) - LOW int. (spell dmg)

    Alvarin - (Low - Str, Con, and Size. High Dex 110 - 120, very small speed bonus)- HIGH int (spell dmg).

    Oghmir - (Medium-High Str. High Con. Low Size. Low Dex. (a bit slower than normal)- HIGHEST INT (spell dmg)

    - Unless we got an infinite amount of species that depend on each other to eternity, predator/prey, doesn't it have to be a "Biggest Fish"? (atleast for a time being, until something else evolves)

    Well the point you wish to make as i understand it, is homever, that there's always a "Biggest Fish" in specific circumstances, and as I presume you wish to put it, atleast (3 - 4) Races should have different pros/cons in Combat.

    First of all. Thursar/Khurite is not the Strongest (archer, axer, swordsman, MA), the fastest, or the most damage dealing mage. Even if it's good in all. It is, allround. And I would say that other Races have to give up a decent amount of advantages to get their little extra speciality, but it is worth it. And less giving up advantages and more getting, would ruin the balance.

    So what Pros/Cons do we want to add to the current Races in Mortal Online?

    * Give Alvarins even faster run speed?

    - I would say this would definately bring more player to roll Alvarin. But at what Costs? What factors can cause the Alvarin to get too much advantages in other situations? (Mages, for once)
    So then Mages have to be nerfed somehow. But if we take the BEST RACE for MAGE, and nerf Mage, then all less good Races will be even worse Mages, unless we give them some other "mage pro". So then it would be very difficult to play a Mage except for being an Alvarin. (excluding the FAT-Mage build).

    - The point i'm trying to make is that; more Class specific attributes we give to a certain Race, the more that race will be bound to one class. So we could have Kallard Slow-Fighters, Thursar Average(whatever you want here), Alvarin Mages and.. something more. But then instead of small differences it would be impossible to play a Thursar Mage, Alvarin Fighter and so forth. Because otherwise the Thursar Fighters wouldn't have a chance against a Alvarin Mage.

    I think an Alvarin mage is a little bit Faster, Higher Int dmg bonus than a Thursar Mage. I also beleive that a Thursar do have 20 - 30 more HP, and more damage bonus, than an Alvarin. But if the differences were too great, it would be more restricting than diversity.

    What if we gave all Races the same Stats? (Only visuals would then be different)
    - More different races would definately be seen in Combat and of course in all other situations. Is it worth it though?

    Note: Well, now we have discussed atleast 4 different Races that are good, or atleast a little bit better on some fields. There are homever lots of races between. The Human races. Those might not ultimately be specialised in some, except for being allround in all cases. (not only regarding combat)
  19. Incarnadine Honored Member

    Sorry, but I stopped reading halfway through...

    Seriously? Most mages are speed mages, fat mages aren't really really that viable, so no one cares if thur/khur gets the most int or not. They care about the speed/hp. The current speed mage for veela is what, 72 int? Pretty sure a thur/khur can get that.

    And archers? Yes, thur/khur IS THE BEST archer. Why? They can get the 115 bows, have the top end speed/sta/hp. Thats it. Archers are strength based right now and foot archers for "speed" builds simply don't work. So veela archers are a joke. So what is your best archer then? A 119str thur/kal? Soon as hes on foot hes at the mercy of a thur/khur and guess what, he's shooting no better than the thur/khur. MAYBE 1pt of dmg difference.

    You think thur/khur isn't the best melee? How so? Near top tier speed, str, hp, sta. Sure, theres a few options that can squeeze out maybe 1-2% more... at the cost of crippling the other stats. So yes, the thur/khur IS the best melee, archer, argueably the best mage (aside from fat mages). MA is neutral since any strong race can do it but thur/khur will hold best once their dismounted. So, what is it thur/khur ISNT good at?

    Crafting. Yay crafting!...

  20. Rockhound Well-Known Member

    wrong, thur/khur makes for the best slag haulers aswell :D

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