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Discussion in 'Services' started by Speznat, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Tindrem Only Butchery Service
    (That means you send me the Carcass over the Veredari in Tindrem, with the COD, prices listed below)
    (Check the box, coin on delivery and write the price from this list in it)

    I will only buy the Carcass on this list: Yunalesca
    Prices are all per 1stack (10'000units).

    Send the carcass to: Yunalesca

    Write me a PM if you sended the carcass, otherwise i will not notice that you sended me carcass.:)
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  2. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member


    Thread is only for customer reviews

    Any off topic post will be deleted
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  3. mailingmeat

    mailingmeat Trial Member

    I think as a new player its a great opportunity. The prices he pays for the pig meat and the walking dead carcass are really good too. The dogs in tindrem drop wolf carcass i sended him 2stacks wolf carcass and 3stacks pig meat. I asked him to cook me the meat and he returned it 4free. (maybe becourse im noob) :p

    Great service, nice guy :cool:
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  4. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Prices are Updated
  5. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

  6. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

  7. Saimo

    Saimo Senior Member

    Can I also get the materials?
  8. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Yes. not in any cases, it depends on the amount and arrangement.
  9. Ursoc

    Ursoc Gold Supporter

    Bad service, carcass been in mail for couple of days now and no collection or no reply to PM. Do not rely on this service to make gold.
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  10. Saimo

    Saimo Senior Member

    He got mine pretty fast.
    Did you try contacting him?
  11. adichee

    adichee Trial Member

    you are in the same TS most of the time
    no shit he got yours fast :D
  12. Saimo

    Saimo Senior Member

    Nah it's because mafiisbest
  13. Ursoc

    Ursoc Gold Supporter

    He just sent my carcass back to me! Wow, what a crappy butchery service lol. Do not waste ure time sending carcass to this guy.
  14. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    I didnt sended back, it automaticly sended back.
    sry but currently im moving to new apartment :( I forgot the mail. :(

    I can make it that evening :) if youre still interested?

    And i buy it for a few more gold, for your lost time, im really sry.
  15. ruben ibarruri

    ruben ibarruri Senior Member

    ┬┐your service active now speznat? i have some carcass for send you in meduli.
  16. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    The thing is that my playtime is limit. Thats why only tindrem sry. :(

    But in tindrem any time :) //after work

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