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  1. Speznat

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    Tindrem Only Cutlass Weapon Service
    (That means i will send you the weapons over the Veredari in Tindrem)

    Temproraily closed



    They "(balanced the mines)" *sarcasm.

    To the poeple from the 22.04 and before. I will not send more then 20weapons to you because i cant carry so much gold loss atm, because i must rebuy the steel.

    if you ordered after the 22.4. im sry men. currently not providing. huge bulks maybe 1-10 but not more. until i get a cheaper steel income. and calculate the prices new to be again the cheapest.


    S = ShortHandle 2H
    SA = SauroterHandle 2H
    L = LongHandle 2H

    *The red marked one like Cronite are not available because the skill is not 100 (yet),
    (Or the materials stocks are empty.)
    Double axe not on the list, Steel double axe 18g, Messing double axe 10g.

    *All Weapons are crafted with a Spongewood handle. If you wish other Materials just write it in the order please.

    *Special Name of Weapons cost 25s per piece only if you want a custom name.

    *Weight or Damage Informations use this (Is not 100% exactly) ----> Weapon Calculator

    *You can order a max. amount of 50 weapons per day (write your other chars in the order)

    *You will receive a discount from 3% if you Order more then 50G, and 5% at 100G.

    Write me a PM of what you need, and your charackter name, and i will send it to you.:)
    I also looking for reseller contracts you will get a larger discount. If youre interested write me a pm.

    And here is the original Cutlass:
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  2. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member


    Thread is only for customer reviews

    Any off topic post will be deleted
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  3. The Elsewise

    The Elsewise Senior Member

    Finally, another weapon smith! Looking forward to trying your service. :)
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  4. woogin

    woogin Trial Member

    Will you start putting things on the broker aswell? Would really like to get to try some of those 2h kallard greataxes!
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  5. Reksx

    Reksx Gold Supporter

    Good crafter quick response. :)
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  6. EnergYY

    EnergYY Well-Known Member

    Can you make weakspot weapons?
  7. vayloth

    vayloth Trial Member

    Good crafter, good weapons and fast service :)
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  8. woogin

    woogin Trial Member

    Fast and good service! Will buy again!
  9. Saimo

    Saimo Senior Member

    I killed him with his own blade.
    Best quality ever.
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  10. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    Yeah you won the fair duel :)
    It was a bad idea to duel with you, vs my own cutlass weapons -.-
    But next time i will win! xD
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  11. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

  12. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

    bumb added cutlass gif :)
  13. Speznat

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  14. Speznat

    Speznat Well-Known Member

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