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Discussion in 'Round Table' started by WafeeHossain, May 11, 2018.

  1. WafeeHossain

    WafeeHossain Member

    How's the state of pvp after the faction patch?
    Still need to roam 2 hours for a fight?
    Who owns Pyre keep?

    Thinking of starting to play again but not sure...

    Also looking for an active guild to play with I guess...
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  2. HornyFurry

    HornyFurry Well-Known Member

    i live in pyre keep
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  3. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    Theres no pvp. Only walls and guards.
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  4. VaddaPriest

    VaddaPriest Member

    guards mounteds dks

    come back and play, join rpk, just understand, you'll only get a fight once a week
  5. Vaith

    Vaith Well-Known Member

    The whole pvp-scene has boiled down to Kran VS RPK, Booooring.

    Game need more options other than those 2, its very easy to just say fuck it and join one of them for your easy PvP fix but its not good for the game!
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  6. Avargol

    Avargol Well-Known Member

    So if you join RPK you only get 1 fight a week?
  7. Malathion

    Malathion Oghmium Supporter

    He only remembers the fights he wears or risks something of value.
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  8. Iconoclasm

    Iconoclasm Senior Member

    cya in a fight that actually matters
  9. MolagAmur

    MolagAmur Well-Known Member

    Save your money. It seems the game is the exact same if not worse than the last time you played. Nothing worthwhile has been added.

    Things will never change until something happens that brings multiple guilds back into the game. Unless, as stated above, you don't care about joining RPK and having hardly anyone to fight or any meaningful political content.
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  10. Avargol

    Avargol Well-Known Member

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    Like any fight actually matters, go outside kid
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  11. Avargol

    Avargol Well-Known Member

    1.) You don't even play the game.

    2.) There are fights all the time

    3.) Have you even seen all the guilds in the krankid alliance?
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  12. MolagAmur

    MolagAmur Well-Known Member

    1.) How do you know I don't play?

    2.) Sure

    3.) No. Judging by the name, it seems shit.
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  13. arissarpl

    arissarpl Member

    Made my day.
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  14. Dalacor

    Dalacor Well-Known Member

    Maybe wait till TC revamp, it will be released after the next 6 magic schools are developed and released.
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  15. Lacdanon

    Lacdanon Honored Member

    Yeh come back all good, pick a side and fights some pets/guards

    The more people the better for the game but honestly not the best time to come back.
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  16. Jatix

    Jatix Well-Known Member

    I stopped playing, cant get any actually good fights. Game is all TC adn guards and mounted. You can join one of the zerg guilds and maybe get pvp in the kran area thats prob a zerg tc guards fest. But it may be possible to get good fights. Otherwise you dont get much that isnt maxed mounted aids, and that is hard to even call pvp most of the time.

    Have started playing ROA again. Df in general has its flaws but game actually seems ok, has had a lot of good patches and the devs seem good and patch often. And I'm fairly confident the player base is much larger than MO. Although its hard to tell with a giant DF world and no steam charts and stuff. Games player base isnt ideal size but game is worth playing for anyone who enjoys darkfall games.
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  17. chingaperros

    chingaperros Well-Known Member

    theres alot more small scale fights with factions tho, especially in Tindrem. Yeah sometimes they are aids, but better than getting mounted down in the open.
  18. Iconoclasm

    Iconoclasm Senior Member

  19. The Elsewise

    The Elsewise Senior Member

    As long as farming resources is a requirement for competitive PvP, you'll never find an even fight. Everyone wants to have the safest most reliable option. Everyone wants to win, so they pick the options with the highest reward for the risk. Almost everyone wants safety in some form or another, so that what they earn can't be easily taken away; therefore walls.

    None of this will change. If you could, today, right this moment, gather every active PvPer and have them sign an agreement not to use unfair/unbalanced/OP mechanics, that everyone would use the same tier of gear, etc. it wouldn't last. It wouldn't last even for a week.
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  20. Avargol

    Avargol Well-Known Member

    Like I said, what the fuck does that actually mean?

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