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    Gabarian War – Crusade
    [May – July: Initial skirmishes, buildup of political tension
    July/ August: Crusade declared, majority of large scale fighting around population centers
    September: Hostilities cease, smaller regional wars begin almost immediately]

    Though it can be argued that the events lead to the Gabarian War had its roots in major clashes months prior, it is generally agreed that it began with the Faburnam affair.

    Anqer Qure, the rulers of the mining city of Gual Kor and the Gabaria region, began their expansion west in the early summer. As their armies neared the old kingdom of Talusia, their council called a meeting with King Vladimer, demanding that they sell the fort town of Easthold, near Cave Camp for 4000 gold, or lose everything they own. Two days were given for a response.

    King Vladimer contacted his southern rivals in Meduli, the kingdom of Ymiria, as well as the peoples of the Brood Isles and the steppe tribe of Monolith. They answered a call to arms – as the Gabarian tribes often raided the lands of these peoples (Ymiria, Meduli and Talusia often fielded raiding parties to attack Gual Kor and the surrounding areas, resulting in the battle of Tephra Mines, the Battle of Grey Cliff) and were greatly disliked for their monopoly on valuable minerals and resources (despite being used as a mercenary force by many of them ). Shortly thereafter the priests of Soldeus declared a Crusade on Anquer Quare .

    At the onset of the fighting, many expected Gual Kor to crumble under enemy numbers as the Talusians did in the War of Retribution. Though Anquer Quare had arguably the finest infantry in all of Myrland, their army was vastly outnumbered and lacked a relevant cavalry force.

    In the first two weeks of the fighting, almost a dozen major battles occurred at Gual Kor, Loon, Crossroads , Cave Camp, Kranesh and the Talusian city of Easthold. There were more than three battles at Cave Camp alone, and for the duration of the Talus campaign, Easthold was under constant siege . Despite the number of Crusaders that attempted to push into Gabarian lands, they never managed to secure territory . The mountains of Gual Kor did not favor large armies spread out across valleys and mountains – it favored cavalry less so. Deadly Elysian Cataphracts, known for their prowess on the plains of Meduli, could not be brought to bear on the Gabarian forces.

    Bandit clans purchased with Talusian gold proved to be problematic to the Crusaders. As the Crusaders suffered setback after setback, their mercenaries, whether for wealth, out of admiration for Anqer Quare, or because they were unhappy with being on the losing side, pledged loyalty to Gual Kor. This addition gave them mounted soldiers needed to make advances on the plains near Kranesh, resulting in the Second Battle of the Bridge .

    The stalemate lasted until Crusader spies discovered that some of their kinsmen had betrayed them to the Gabarians. The resulting distrust splintered the fledgling alliance that was already facing troubles due to divisions in leadership and differences in culture. The catalyst for the internal fall of the Crusaders occurred when Clan Silver Skulls of Talusia executed many of their accused spies, included many favored nobles within the kingdom. Many soldiers that served Talusia, due to distrust or the heavy handed reaction of King Vladimer, deserted the army. Sensing internal unrest, the Gabarians launched a night assault on the undefended Easthold, burning the city and waylaying the Crusader army as they sullied forth .

    The sudden defeat sent waves of migrations south towards the Meduli plains and surrounding steppes. With most the lands between Easthold and Gual Kor within Gabarian control, southern lands for the first time were within striking distance; something many thought unimaginable. It was not long before clans began to capitulate under fear of having their people put to the sword. Others continued the resistance. Peoples once united under one banner began to fight among themselves – some wishing to pay tribute to the Gabarian tribes for peace, and others wishing to continue on the fight.

    With no united front offered, Anquer Quare began attacking villages that offered the Crusaders support , utterly depopulating the lands north of the steppes. Clan KoTO of Meduli abandoned their Fort City and migrated south as the cities of Elysia and Wentus Castrum were being sieged by the Gabarians.

    By the end of the month, Wessex and Elysium, the two clans still intact despite the fighting, signed a truce with Anquer Quare to end the fighting
    The end of the Gabarian wars saw the upheaval and overthrow of many old political orders . Clans that were once thought of as inseparable turned against one another, spanning many regional conflicts (ex. War of Four Hammers, War of Red Sand) .

    The allies of AQ, flush with victory, invaded the Eastern Steppe, dislodging Monolith from their lands . They would come to be known as Fear. Anquer Quare continued their expansion west, and under the threat of war, annexed the city of Heurgar, sending it’s native clan south to Landfall.

    Gabaria (Gabarian Allaince): Anquer Quare, (what would become) FEAR , Spar, Myrmidon
    Ymiria: Asgard, Shadows of Myrland, SyVi, Outsiders, Rus, and IVth
    Meduli: Elysium and Keepers of the Oath
    Brood Isles: Kingdom of Wessex (including the thanedoms of Livonia and Tindrimic Old Guard), Rangers of the Grey Dawn, Aegis Imperium
    Talusia: Silver Skulls, Dog Company
    Easthold: “Cave Camp Keep”
    Loon: “Loonytoons village”
    Heurgar: Chaos Keep
    War of Retribution: Anquer Quare, Kingdom of the Isles, Meduli vs. Talusia
    War of Four Hammers: Wessex vs. Sons of Odin, RuS, ES, Fear
    War of Red Sand: ES, Fury vs. Meduli, Dog Company
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    I might need to refresh my memory, but I don't think Spar nor MYRM fought on our side? Only the guys formerly known as Merc fought on our side, not the entire FEAR.
  3. Mycke

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    Very nice!
  4. Stephum

    Stephum Member

    Those two side-switched a lot if I remember correctly and both opposing parties ended up hating them. SPAR/MYRM were never really apart of it politically they just jumped bandwagons and were probably hoping for loot and a quick AQ collapse.
  5. Pakee

    Pakee Senior Member

    Hawks was on your side.
  6. Afterlife

    Afterlife Arena Champion

    Yes, you were. :)
  7. Alfie

    Alfie Arena Champion

    Myrm turned up on one of the first major "sieges". It was hardly a siege, but we had dropped the gate with a hailcaster (old TOP keep spot, CC) and then dropped a catapult (can't remember if the catapult was for the houses or if it was on the keep). Either way we didn't even have the boulders on site, we were just testing the water.

    The "crusade" or the first resemblance of the crusade turned up to stop us. Myrm was there and if what Shara said is correct, Vlad agreed to pay them x amount of gold. We quickly got overrun and that was the first real fight where failed / mass lag became ever so apparent. The majority of the crusade stayed back in the keep spot to destroy the catapult (was harder then to destroy them then it is now due to hitboxes + very very low damage).

    The ones who didn't stay back and Myrm chased us back to GK. I remember reaching the Equarry and regrouping with the ones that had survived to then see Myrm and a large amount of others players charging down towards us. We retreated back into GK and fought around the ruins. We lost a few (my fondest memory being getting killed by Shara while stuck on his screen around the lower bank priest ruins) but the fighting continued.

    I relogged onto my mage and eventually the crusade force that was in GK (this included myrm) was pushed out and routed whilst the majority of the force was still holding at the CC (old TOP) keep. The Myrm members present for the most were killed though apparently they couldn't see us attacking them in the same way we couldn't see most of their force that we had encountered in the earlier fight (yes kiddies, Failed hurt us too!)

    We gathered our force back together (mainly consisting of GK defender alts) and pushed back to the keep to clear whatever was left. There was a sizeable fight, but the crusaders that remained after a few minutes started to retreat.

    I still remember chasing about 20 remaining crusaders down rat pass. I was literally in the back of their group talking to a group of the WSX guys about getting their side to all join us in a petition to the Devs to prioritise a fix on Failed. Why do I remember that? Because a few minutes later I found myself on my own as the group split up with 4 WSX foot archers that insta popped my mage with longbows, further proving my point to one of the WSX members (very sure it was a WSX member, which I can't remember, obviously a silly one) I had an argument with the day before that focus fire archer does work when coordinated (as apparently it was impossible to do, Zzz).

    Anyway, Myrm "switched" sides, well, they didn't switch sides at all. They never directly joined us, they just started killing SS etc during their operations because Vlad refused to pay them for their help, so Myrm decided "well fuck you then, you're dead", or that is what was said on IRC. They didn't betray anyone; they worked as mercs.

    To note, Merc didn't "join us" till the day where the storage inside our palisades got took down which started at like 9 - 10 am GMT. We had like 3 people on, and Merc happened to have a few around who offered to assist in trying to stop it.

    But yeah, wall of text + lots of rambling for anyone who cares. That's how I recollect Myrms involvement. I don't even think after that one fight that they got involved with anymore. If Vlad didn't pay them the first time then I don't blame them either.
  8. KhaoticKaos

    KhaoticKaos Well-Known Member

    MERC, LS, Myrm (at the very beginning) were the ones I remember.
  9. lonewolf9567

    lonewolf9567 Senior Member

    Myrm fought as unpaid mercs for you, during a couple of battles.

    Epic read loved how you put this together.
  10. Kuroi

    Kuroi Well-Known Member

    LS? Liberi Somniantes? my pve/craft/social guild? are you sure? LOL :p
  11. gangrel

    gangrel Junior Member

    I think Vlad paid them for the first time (I could be wrong) but then Mrym helped for the next major fight for a little while with the idea that Vlad wanted them to still be mercs for the Cursade. Vlad thought that Mrym was just there to help but not as mercs. Once Vlad found out Mrym thought they were going to get paid for helping that second time Vlad told them he did not want to hire them for this fight. Myrm may have gotten angry at Vlad for this misunderstanding.

    Near the end I think Mrym helped you guys (AQ) for free a few times because they were board and wanted to be on the organized RPK side, not the unorganized zergy side because they thought it was more fun.
  12. iewcce

    iewcce Member

    Good job! Great read!
  13. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    Very nicely written up I think I should just correct that Vlad or TnA were never contacted by AQ regarding the sale of Easthold, we never owned it. Chaos was threatened by AQ to sell Easthold and they came to us looking for help which we provided.
  14. Afterlife

    Afterlife Arena Champion

    Just some added info: I remember the first fight, when we dropped the catapult. After we got overrun, a few of us got scattered from the main group. Those who survived made it to GK, while me, Gigamo and Opkan survived from the scattered group. We found MERC guys approaching from behind TOP keep, and they asked if we needed help. We accepted their help, and ran to GK to assist those who survived form the main group. We managed to kill or rout the people chasing the main group. After that we grouped and headed back to engage the people at TOP.
  15. Afterlife

    Afterlife Arena Champion

    I can't remember us directly attacking Chaos' keep at any point? After TOP keep, and maybe even after TC patch was released we approached Mycke to buy the keep, and they accepted it after a couple of days considerations, due to them being too small to be able to defend it.

    I'm old, I might have forgotten.
  16. Hertix

    Hertix Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't their be some RP about Umbra casting invisibility spells on her faithful =)?
  17. Fatcamp

    Fatcamp Member

    i remember that first fight at top keep clearly.

    I remember that Gankez incisted that we should split our self up in groups of 5-8 people and fight wich didt work out that well for us. Plus does god damn sniper bows hitting for 80ish damage on armor! grr. Plus FAILED on that.
  18. LuciusHanno

    LuciusHanno Senior Member

  19. Thirst

    Thirst Member

    Think i have fraps of how Merc got into the war. :)
    Will check - But it happened as afterlife said it, except for the part that we attacked u guys, but u guys said wait and asked for help.
    Also, i think with LS you mean LEO instead.
  20. Bobzer77

    Bobzer77 The Writer

    No I got confused about which war we are talking about.

    Wasn't the war after the one we are talking about where you had taken TOP keep and went after Chaos keep the crusade? Or was that the War of Retribution? All I know is that one crusade was started with SS attacking Myrm houses and one was started with AQ trying to force Chaos out of their keep.

    I'm so confused ;_;

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